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Educational Workshops and School Trips Newsletter – January 2023


Helping You Plan Your Educational

Workshops and School Trips

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Dear Teacher

Welcome to the spring edition of the Educational Workshops and School Trips Newsletter for the academic year 2022-23.

In this newsletter you can read all about some of the amazing educational opportunities offered by a select number of our featured Workshop and School Trip providers and learn how they are working with UK schools and educational settings to support pupils’ learning in a vast range of subjects, delivered in very exciting and engaging ways.

Below we have put together a small selection of some of our fantastic school trip and workshop providers so that you can read all about them and book them directly with ease.

Rumble Live Action Gaming

Huntingdon PE28 0BH

For an unbeatable school trip or House treat, we have all the bases covered. Rumble is great fun but also a safe and contained environment for your school trip. Why not challenge your rival House of school to a tournament?

‘The boys had a fantastic time at Rumble. The equipment is amazing and the Rangers kept the games varied and fun. The set-up is ideal for a school event and I will be bringing the whole House back in September.’
Ashley Denman, Oakham School

‘It was amazing! We had so much fun,more fun than we have ever had all together! The girls said it was real life Fortnite which I think is the best compliment anyone can ever get from their generation!’
Nikki F

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Architecture Workshops

Available Nationwide

Architecture Workshops have been running hands on cross curricular workshops, in schools for all Key Stages and abilities since 1996. Our STEM & STEAM orientated workshops challenge, enthral and educate in equal measure. The genius of our workshops is that we only use wooden dowel and rubber bands to build many varied and wondrous building models, structures and sculptures, through which we make learning fun and the complex simple. Using gross and fine motor skills, creativity, problem solving and teamwork, the workshops promote higher order thinking, growth mindset and resilience, leading to increased self-esteem in participants.

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VG Dance

Available Nationwide

Vivian Gayle is a leading professional dancer and dance facilitator with 10 years of professional experience in primary and secondary schools and performance work in west end shows, TV & Film, Bollywood movies, pop singers and music videos.

VG dance workshops provide creative educational dance workshops in learning for EYFS, Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 primary & secondary schools. Dance Styles offered include Street Dance, Chinese Dance, African Dance, Indian Dance and Musical Theatre. Many of the dance workshops delivered are linked directly to the school curriculum. All the workshops sessions will further children’s education practically and theoretically whilst balancing their PE abilities.

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Inventors & Makers

London, Surrounding Counties and Online

Inventors & Makers STEM and Design workshops can be run online or in person to bring STEM to your pupils with no extra work for you. Workshop topics include Inventing, Engineering, Entrepreneurship or Video Game Design and can be tailored to your school’s requirements in terms of length and content. For EYFS our Little STEAMers classes bring engaging and hands-on STEM to your children with fun and interactive activities, including stories, music and movement. With 50 topics to choose from like Coding Unplugged, Space Explorers or Body Buddies, you can select themes and activities that align with your work in class. Workshops and classes are designed and led by qualified and experienced teachers, in line with the National Curriculum and EYFS and provided with supporting documentation.

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Dance Days – Educational Dance Workshops for Schools

London & Surrounding Counties, Greater Manchester & Yorkshire

Dance Days specialise in providing educational dance workshops for schools, tailored to meet your school’s needs. We can showcase over 30 dance styles linking to the curriculum, world events and celebrations. This will enhance your pupils’ learning outside of the classroom and help boost physical activity and wellbeing in a non-traditional way. The topics included in our calendar include events such as National Fitness Day, European Day of Languages, Black History Month, World Mental Health Day, National Day of Spain, Diwali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, World Book Day, St Patrick’s Day, VE and Remembrance Day, The Commonwealth Games, The World Cup and many more. We also provide several off-topic styles such as street dance and musicals.

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Finding The Will

Throughout the UK

Patrons: Michael Rosen, Bernard Cribbins OBE, The Lord and Lady Boughton

Shakespeare Interactive Discovery Workshops and Performance Project Weeks

Every Primary/Special School Discovery Workshop or Performance Project Week is an all-round, all inclusive, interactive learning experience. Included with every Workshop/Project Week is a Teachers’ Pack.

“Throughout the land, school funding is an issue but the fantastic experience our children have received is priceless. Schools out there…yes YOU. Where there’s a will there’s a way.”- Karen Stinson TA Montagu Academy, Mexborough

At FINDING THE WILL there is never a wrong answer only an interesting idea.

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Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3TR

Which plant can you sit on and wear at the same time? Why are some plants carnivorous? Why do cactus plants look so strange? At Birmingham Botanical Gardens, you can experience our magnificent Glasshouses, comparing humid, tropical conditions with an arid, desert climate, and observe how plants have adapted. Then, explore 15 acres of beautifully landscaped Gardens. Allow us to share the knowledge and experience we have gained over 190 years in our expertly taught, cross-curricular teaching sessions that will be tailor-made to your age group and topic. Or opt for a self-guided visit where group leaders can lead their own activities.

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Beat Goes On


Beat Goes On are led by former STOMP cast member and former secondary music teacher, Ollie Tunmer. We currently offer fun and high energy workshops including STOMP-style Body Percuission, Samba Percussion, Junk Percussion, Body Percussion for Literacy, Dhol rhythms from India and North and West Afican body percussion.

‘Every class was buzzing after their body beats workshop. As music coordinator, I peeped in on all the sessions – they were perfectly differentiated for each age group and all the children were fully engaged and having a blast. Ollie is a stomping machine and brought good energy with him to our school.’
Music Co-ordinator, Winslow School

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London and Surrounding Counties

Senjuti delivers Bhangra and Bollywood dance workshops into schools which are accessible for all ages and abilities and are great fun!

A talented teacher, she has a wealth of experience of working in schools with children of all ages. Her workshops can be linked to any topic within the curriculum – for example RE (Hinduism and Sikhism and associated religious festivals such as Diwali or Holi) or Geography (looking at life in India and Pakistan).

Check out Senjuti’s pages to find out more then get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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Kids That Rock – Whole Class Guitar Workshops

Midlands and the Northwest

A fresh and fun educational music experience, which is beneficial to the Model Music Curriculum. *Midlands/Northwest Areas

  • Up to six classes in 1 day
  • Many options available; blues, classical, pop and world music
  • Music is beneficial to WELLBEING
  • Just teachers guitar tuition! After school team building, only £45 extra!
  • Available Nationwide – contact for details.

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