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Beat Goes On – STOMP-style Body Percussion

Beat Goes On are led by former STOMP cast member and former secondary music teacher Ollie Tunmer.


They currently offer the following fun, high energy workshops –

– STOMP-style Body Percussion

 – Afro Brazilian Percussion inc Samba

 – Body Percussion with Literacy (based on our work with Pie Corbett of Talk4Writing)

 – Junk Percussion – rhythms with rubbish and everyday objects (basketballs, chairs etc)

 – Boomwhackers & Bamboo Tamboo

 – Stepping and Hambone from the USA (body percussion)

 – Dhol rhythms from India (body percussion)

 – Middle Eastern and North African grooves  (body percussion)

 – West African polyrhythms (body percussion)


We typically work with 30 at a time but this can vary, and we have a team of facilitators so we can work with more than one group simultaneously.

We can combine workshops and CPD, allowing the learning to continue after our visit.

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