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Finding the Will – Primary School / Special School – 2 hour workshop

Location(s)Throughout the UK
Key StagesKS1, KS2
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
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Shakespeare Workshops

At FINDING THE WILL the ‘end’ we work towards is one where all who take part leave with an understanding, not only of the characters, plots and themes of a particular play, but an awareness that Shakespeare is as relevant today as it always was. To reach that end, a journey of individual confidence building and creative teamwork is undertaken.

FINDING THE WILL believes there are no wrong answers only interesting ideas. The children are continually encouraged to let their imaginations take flight, to empathise with and to articulate complex dilemmas of each principal character. By the end of the story all that have taken part have gone on a journey far beyond the confines of the play.

Primary School / Special School – 2 hour workshop

  • Workshop is aimed at KS1 and KS2.
  • Children require no prior knowledge of the play, in fact we actively encourage teachers not to reveal the story before we arrive.
  • Using minimal props and costumes the children act out the story and speak some of the original text.
  • For children that feel more comfortable answering questions than performing, ample opportunity is given for them to shine.

    An FTW Shakespeare workshop not only gives an understanding of a well-known Shakespeare play but also helps with:

    • Listening skills
    • Language development
    • Team building
    • Concentration
    • Imagination
    • Confidence boosting
    • Empathy
    • And it’s Fun!

Click here for more information on Shakespeare Performance Project Weeks.


The workshop beautifully captured the intensity and drama of the original Macbeth, whilst making it palatable to our Year 6 audience. The children (and the adults) were hooked by this unique approach to introducing a story; the guided drama was excellent and immersive.
Castleview Primary, Slough

This is the second year of having ‘Finding the Will’ and the expertise in how the workshop is delivered cannot be mirrored as a teacher. This is a unique experience that makes the children and the teachers want to go and see the play on the stage. It is accessible to children who find English difficult or may not have experienced a Shakespeare play. It is memorable.
Wetwang Primary, East Yorkshire

The children were still buzzing about it after lunch. We all felt the witches scene and Lady M scene were particularly scary, although the battle definitely got the thumbs up.  They came away with loads of questions about the play, characters and Shakespeare himself. They are all desperate to run through the roles again and as a follow up many of the children are writing letters of application to become a Scottish King or Witch! Thank you for a wonderful morning. Year 5/6 Teacher, Uffington Primary, Oxfordshire
Uffington Primary, Oxfordshire

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