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Welcome to Educational Workshops & School Trip Providers, the free online directory where teachers can source and book an extensive range of educational workshops and school trips, direct with providers.

This site enables schools to quickly source workshop providers and school trip locations across the UK, locally and abroad.

For workshops, click on one of the subject menus above and for school trip ideas, click the menu headed School Trips & Excursions.

With over two decades experience of working within the education sector in these areas of procurement, this site uniquely seeks to offer schools some reassurances:

  • Providers are listed by invitation only
  • Where workshop providers do not have a dedicated member of staff to handle enquiries and bookings for them, a third party administrator is assigned to provide that service on their behalf, acting on their instructions
  • Many providers list with an online diary and booking system – making it a lot easier for schools to establish their availability and book them

We welcome you to the site and very much look forward to being of service.