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ZSL London Zoo – Educational Visits & Fun Days Out

Key StagesNursery, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
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ZSL London Zoo is all about getting up close with the animals. Every day is different, come and find out what our animals are up to today!

Bring your pupils along for a visit at ZSL London Zoo and discover all that ZSL has to offer. Explore and enjoy, learn and get closer than ever to our animals with our daily events.

With a special program designed to fit school groups of all shapes and sizes, ZSL London Zoo is the perfect education choice.

ZSL London Zoo Education Events

Make the most of a range of events celebrating wildlife and the environment at ZSL London Zoo. From free sessions to a variety of self-guided resources, we have lots to excite your students on their visit.

ZSL London Zoo has beautiful exhibits such as Rainforest Life, Gorilla Kingdom and Tiger Territory, which task your students to reflect on the challenges wildlife face such as climate change, deforestation and wildlife trade.

However, these exhibits also share positive actions visitors can take in their own lives to help tackle these issues.


We had a wonderful day. We saw plenty of animals such as Tiger, lions the gorilla enclosure is fabulous and the array of monkey species they have is incredible. The park was extremely clean we didn’t see any litter. The staff were friendly and informative and we wouldn’t hesitate to visit again!
Sarah O

While sometimes a zoo is not the best place for animal it's also true that there's very much to be said in favour of conservation (particularly endangered species) as well as spreading awareness. Though it doesn't seem to be very big, we arrived at 11 (one hour after opening) and were kindly asked to leave after four (closing time for winter). There were many things we didn't manage to see. It's definitely worth going in summer (I believe opening hours are longer) or alternatively to plan 2 days to visit. Really well worth the money.

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