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Thinkers in Education – STEM Workshops for Schools

Thinkers in Education is the specialist educational division of Aspire More Able. Since our inception in 2001 we have been passionate about providing the most stimulating learning experiences possible for students in year 5 upward. Our aim is to help students develop vital thinking skills that enable them to succeed in education and beyond. We work with schools and universities to help people realise their potential.

The Workshop

Deeply immersive STEM workshops for up to 36 pupils per day

Activities are carefully structured to develop a huge range of STEM skills in the most exhilarating and challenging scenarios lasting the entire school day.

Everything is optimised to ensure time is used most effectively, allowing opportunities for students to work individually, in pairs and in teams.

We can provide a Thinking Skill report for every participant – based on the individual challenges they complete.

These sessions are ideal for specialist Gifted Able & Talented provision and/or Summer School.

Creative Thinking 

Rival nations race to colonise Mars! Success in wide-ranging experiments and engineering tasks is essential if teams are to survive the mission!

Typical Activities:

  • Compound ID- Micro Chemistry 
  • Prototype Engineering & Testing
  • Emergency Blood Transfusions
  • Mars Explorers & Mission Quiz


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