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ZSL Whipsnade Zoo – Wildlife Parks near London

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With so many different species housed at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, the UK's biggest Zoo and one of Europe's largest wildlife conservation parks, your trip will be full of excitement.

It is home to 3,626 animals, many of which are endangered in the wild. The majority of the animals are kept within sizeable enclosures; others, such as Peafowl, Patagonian Maras, and Red-necked Wallabies, roam freely around the park.

Why not book one of our unique learning workshops as part of your visit - interactive experienced using resources including live animals, biofacts and multimedia and designed for all ages and abilities.

Education Workshops

Boasting a diverse and highly skilled Education Team, we provide unique learning workshops for all ages and abilities. Linked to the National Curriculum, we aim to deliver interactive experiences using resources such as live animals, biofacts and multimedia.

Choose from Foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, and post-16 studies programmes which you can book as part of your education visit.

Education workshops are FREE from 1 September to February half term. Workshops cost £1.50 per pupil per workshop from February half term to 31 August. They are designed for groups of up to 35 students. Multiple workshops can be run concurrently throughout the day to cater for a whole year group, key stage or school’s needs. 


We got to see different animals which we haven't seen before. We enjoyed the workshop, where we learnt about climate change and illegal hunting and trading. We got to stroke a snake in the workshop, and learnt about different animal skins. We got to see the penguin feeding session, which was fun. Unfortunately, as the weather was wet and cold, lots of animals were hiding in their enclosures. However, for some these animals, we could go inside and see them, like giraffes. We would of enjoyed it even more if there were lions there!
Mrs Collingwood - Class trip for Year 4

My year group visited the zoo 28th February [2020]. To say the weather was poor would be an understatement. We arrived at 10:45 to a cold, windy and rainy day and walked to the entrance via the tunnel. We soon checked in and walked towards the Chimpanzee enclosure, unfortunately due to the high winds we were unable to enter as the tree branches were unsafe. Luckily we were able to see them through the exterior glass viewing area. After this we saw the Lynx, Brown Bear, Wolverines and then the penguins (Rockhoppers and Humbold). After a brief stop under the shelter for a snack we then walked to the Bongos and Rhinos, on our way the Bison were out too! The free roaming Wallabies and Maras were exciting to see up close. The staff were amazing and the school workshops were educational, interactive and brilliantly taught. The children even got to stroke a Royal Python called Reggie. The children even got to see tourist souvenirs that had been confiscated by Customs officers. Overall and despite the weather the children loved it! I have no doubt they will be asking their adults to take them back.
Amanda P - School year group visit

An amazing experience all round. Excellent friendly staff, lots of contact with winter-hardy animals and an informative and fun day.... Couldn't recommend highly enough!
Sarah J

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