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Pulse CSI – CSI workshops for secondary schools

Key StagesKS3, KS4, KS5 - BTEC Applied Sciences
Special SchoolsYes
Public LiabilityLess than 5,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesFrom £745 to £2375
Administration Service Administered by the provider

More about this Workshop/Service and the Provider

The national curriculum (2013) calls for a ‘secure understanding’ of knowledge and concepts of science, stating that ‘insecure [and] superficial understanding’ will hinder progression, specifically identifying ‘key points of transition (between primary and secondary school)’ as a time of high risk. Pulse CSI has identified this risk and has noticed a high demand for workshop services between the transitional period of key stage 2 to key stage 3. All schools that engage with the workshops report a significant increase in pupil attainment for scientific subjects. Pulse CSI workshops actively provide an interactive baseline for students to progress into the levels of scientific enquiry expected in key stage 3 studies.

KS3 | KS4 | KS5 (Full Day) Forensic Science Workshop

Days Format | Morning Session

During the morning session all students willfully engaged in practical, ‘hands-on’ activities, these will include learning about the processes and applications used at a Crime Scene including, Fingerprinting using Magnetic Powder and Black Ink.  Additionally, the students will be analysing Footwear and Hair and Fibre. The last part of this session is looking at the collection and preservation of evidence at a Crime Scene and the importance of evidence retrieval and the significant part it plays in a court of law, giving the students an insight into the Criminal Justice System. 

Days Format | Afternoon Session

During the afternoon session, all students will don a White SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suit, gloves, mask and overshoes and then they will be required to apply their newly acquired skill-set learnt from the morning session to their group Crime Scenes and investigate and report their findings with the help of Suspect Profiles and all the authentic forensic resources used in the morning session.  The afternoon session helps promote team building, problem-solving and encourages your students to equally, work independently.  Our CSI Workshops are guaranteed to Inspire, Motivate, Engage and completely keep your students on task!    

Generic Timetable

(All timings can be tailored to your individual school’s timetable)

9.15       –      9.30                   Optional CEOP “e-Safety” IT Session

9.30       –     10.30                  Forensic Science “hands-on” activities and introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

10.45     –     11.00                  Morning Break 

11.00     –     12.30                  Continued with Forensic Science “hands-on” activities and introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

12.30     –     1.30                    Lunch Break

1.30       –     1.45                    Students put White SOCO Suits, Gloves, Footwear Overshoes & Mask 

1.45       –     2.30                    Crime Scene Investigation – Group Session’s

2.45       –     3.00                   Clean up 

3.00       –     3.30                   Conclusion  

Based on 120 pupils we could deliver a full-day workshop based on a school hall delivery based on 20 Groups x 6 Pupils Per Group, depending upon your Year Group size.  If you have larger year groups a delivery over 2 days is possible, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements further.

KS4, KS5, BTEC Applied Science

Many of our Forensic Associates come from varying fields of specialism, Former Crime Scene Examiners, Police Coordination Staff, Educational Specialists and Forensic Anthropologists to name just a few examples of the kinds of people Pulse CSI employs to help raise the aspirations of young people. Our specialists are highly skilled in motivating students, using techniques of positive reinforcement to help them realise their potential. These interactions give our associates time in which to converse with the students, explaining what is involved in their specialism and the educational steps it took to reach that position, which in most cases, involves University and/or Further Education.

  • All resources are supplied by PULSE CSI
  • All workshops can be tailored to your individual school’s/colleges requirements and timetables
  • Travel &  accommodation costs may be applicable to some locations particularly in the SouthEast


Thank you so much for coming to our school and delivering two very engaging Forensic Science workshops for our Year 9s. Prior to you even attending our school, the communication and attention to detail in developing a bespoke programme for our students was impeccable, thank you for working with us to accommodate the restrictions in way of bubbles and timings, which meant on the day everything ran smoothly and efficiently, I personally think having the two days with fewer students were better than having the hall crammed with students, it felt more manageable and it was nice the students had space and more importantly staff and yourselves at PULSE could move around the hall safely supporting the students. The Forensic Detective workshops were engaging from the offset very clear presentations and explanations meant all students were able to access the learning and were inclusive to all. I was very impressed with how our SEND students were able to remain focused and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day along with all of their peers. Our students thoroughly enjoyed gaining an insight into the career of a Forensic Scientist by taking on the role themselves, having learnt lots of techniques in the first session, they were then able to put on a full suit, which was theirs to keep (some were very proud to wear it during lunchtime, which was a great conversation starter with staff out on duty, who said the students were thoroughly enjoying their day). Our students really liked the challenge of solving a murder crime scene and working out using the techniques they had learnt in the first session, who had committed the murder. Even our staff enjoyed the opportunity of trying out this career! (Thank you, they absolutely loved it). The final session was a summary of the day and the big reveal of who the murderer was and a review of the Forensic techniques everyone had used and why they had chosen to use them. The students really enjoyed the question and answer session where they were able to explore HE pathways available to them for a career in Forensic Science, as well as understanding the importance of their GCSEs and the grades required. One of the highlights has to be the session on DNA testing along with the video, which had a powerful message regarding heritage and race discrimination, thank you for sharing your own journey of discovery, the students found this fascinating and has certainly made them think about their own heritage which could be wide-ranging. Thank you again, and I hope we may be able to work with you again.
King Harold Academy, Waltham Abbey, Essex

Our Year 13 | BTEC Forensic Science students took part in a one day workshop delivered by PULSE education. During the morning session, students were introduced to the principles of gathering evidence from a crime scene. This was a very practical session with hand-on activities, including fingerprint collection and analysis, footprint casting, blood spatter analysis and fibre analysis. During the afternoon, students were Scene of Crime Officers (SOCOs) and used all their expert knowledge and skills to investigate a simulated crime scene. All students played a full part in the day and were outstanding ambassadors for the school. Their teamwork skill, dedication a commitment was second-to-none and the record of the day will form excellent evidence for their portfolios. Many thanks go to Jacqui Thompson, from PULSE education, for delivering such an enjoyable, thorough and engaging workshop.
The Beacon School, Banstead, Surrey

The impression of the day – this course is aimed at students who are studying BTEC uniformed Public Service Courses, pre-entry or NCFE, additionally this course would be great for A-Level Law Students who want a different view of crime or where large numbers going into crown courts for a visit can sometimes be a problem. The company are helpful and pride themselves on their communication with schools and colleges etc at all stages of enquiry to booking. Excellent time management skills followed by friendly personable staff whose own personal experience and study of crime scene investigation mean the subject becomes alive. The day felt more ‘Silent Witness’ than ‘CSI’, which I think the students preferred. ‘Outstanding’ cannot praise the day enough; I will be re-booking for the next cohort of students. As an ex Solicitor and now Head of Law at a 6th form in Manchester, I feel students would feel cheated if they didn’t take part in a day like this one. Students gained invaluable insight in respect to current policing issues, investigative and policing methods, with a hands-on approach that was pitched at the correct level for a mixture of students. The day was none stop action-filled fun and learning from the moment we entered our CSI setting. The students learnt lots of new skills such as questioning, teamwork, respect for each other’s ideas, gathering evidence, the importance of an offender profile, the importance of looking at all evidence no matter how small. Students took part in dusting for latent prints, fibre and hair analysis, as well as traditional finger-prints using ink. The students also cast a footprint cast where a shoe print had been left in the mud outside our classroom. The afternoon session was the ‘live’ scene of the crime and the students were split into groups to try and find the suspect, they all wore Scene of crime outfits which made their day including the staff. The students had lots of items to take home with them and the next day we also received a disk with photos of students that had been taken on the day, which was a lovely touch………many, many thanks for such a great day.
Newall Green High School & 6th Form Centre, Manchester | (Head of Public Service & Law)

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