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Moot Hall – Museum Day Trips for Schools

Location(s)Moot Hall is located at the Eastern end of Elstow Village green, Church End, Elstow, Bedford. MK42 9XT
Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsYes
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Enhanced DBSYes
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Step into the world of John Bunyan when you visit the delightful village of Elstow.

Wander on to the village green and discover Moot Hall - a registered Ancient Monument. This delightful 15th century timber-framed building is unique, being the only known combined manor courthouse & market hall to have been built in Britain by a nunnery.

The nuns of Elstow Abbey were progressive and very enterprising - it was they who ordered the building of all the timber-framed properties that comprise Elstow.

In 1951, Moot Hall was restored and opened as a museum, dedicated to 17th century local author John Bunyan.

Bunyan’s book - “The Pilgrim’s Progress” - was the second best-selling book, worldwide, for 350 years, until JK Rowling relegated it to third place.

As well as Bunyan - related items, Moot Hall houses a collection of 17th century furniture and exhibitions of Bedfordshire lace-making.

​So why not bring your school, have a picnic on the green or visit Elstow Tea Garden? Then take a look at the beautiful interior of Moot Hall and the Abbey Church (the remains of a once much-larger Abbey) and the ancient timber-framed buildings on Elstow's High Street.

Note to Teachers

We ask that teachers bring appropriate structured work for their students. Suggested educational themes: John Bunyan; The Pilgrims Progress; Tudor Buildings; 17th century life; lace-making; local history; Henry VIII, abolition of the monasteries.

There is no admission charge for Bedford Borough schools. (Other schools; £1 per child.)


Standing near the church and old Abbey on a green, this moot hall is well worth a visit to experience the atmosphere of a genuine Bedfordshire village. It stll retains much of the historic charm which is embedded in these old buildings whilst still being recognizable for the task for which it was built. Well worth a visit to explore the village of Bunyan,s birth. Although Bunyan's cottage was demolished it is still possible to visit where it stood.
Phillip D

small museum but very well presented well worth the time we spent there /the curator gave us a personal tour and answered all our questions the abbey tea rooms opposite is also worth a visit
Ken S

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