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Leighton Buzzard Railway – Railways Day Trips for Schools

Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
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The Leighton Buzzard Railway provides teachers with a varied toolkit of educational resources, which can be used to support work at different Key Stages, or as part of Learning Outside The Classroom initiatives. Alternatively, it can just be a fun treat at the end of a long school term!

In particular, we run on Wednesdays in June and July, These are very popular with school and playgroup parties. Trains can also be chartered for different days and times, subject to a minimum booking charge.

At Stonehenge Works, take a look at our exhibitions about how narrow-gauge railways were used in the First World War battlefields.

Or roll up for the Engine Shed Show-a guided tour of our fascinating locomotive collection in Page's Park shed - including War Department No 778, which actually served on the supply lines to the First World War trenches.

The artefacts they can interact with-the stone-built stables for the quarry horses, plus real old trains and other machinery, supplemented by old photos will provide stimulating input for a wide variety of curriculum topics. As will the vintage train ride that takes you out into the Bedfordshire countryside, stopping the traffic at the level crossings along the way.

No combat veterans of the First World War now survive, so their story must now be told by the things they left behind, such as locomotive 778. Our railway was born as a result of that conflict, and is an ideal place to study what happened and why.

We will provide information to help you tailor your own teacher resource pack ahead of your visit, together with the loan of a DVD. And take a look at the downloadable worksheets produced by the Greensand Trust, and the rail safety website produced jointly by British Transport Police, Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies. Prior familiarisation visits can also be arranged for teachers, if required, and we have a specimen risk assessment, which can be adapted to your situation.

An educational (or fun) visit to the Leighton Buzzard Railway is particularly suited to pre-school and primary school children. However, we also provide facilities for secondary, further or higher education students, for example in generating coursework or project material.

We are also a popular outing destination for school holiday playgroups.

Page's Park station is adjacent to the large public park of the same name, where educational activities can take place, or it can be used for picnics and games. A play area for small children is located conveniently next to the railway car park, and a spectacular community garden is an attractive feature next to the station platform.There are also exercise machines in different parts of the park, for use free of charge.

We take very seriously the safety of all who visit us, and our volunteers must abide by a code of conduct in respect of contacts with children, which meets current legal requirements. Operational safety is monitored by the Office of Rail Regulation, just like the main-line railways, and we are fully insured.


Any group of 4 or more fare-paying passengers, booking in advance and travelling together on a scheduled train, is automatically given  a 10% discount on all fares, plus guaranteed seats. There is free parking for coaches, minibuses and cars, with a special area on the train for groups with disabled members.

Return fares, including the group discount, for passengers travelling on scheduled public trains (March to November), are:

Adult £8.55
Senior (age 60 and over) £7.34
Child (age 2 to 17) £5.31
Child (under 2) Free

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In 2019, for the fifth year running, the Leighton Buzzard Railway was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the TripAdvisor tourism planning website, for the high standard of the reviews it has received. More than 75% of the reviewers have rated us 'Excellent' or 'Very Good', and we have used both positive and negative feedback as a prompt to take action on any aspects of our customer experience over which we have any influence.

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