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Finding the Will – FINDING THE WILL Shakespeare Project Week

Location(s)Throughout the UK
Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPlease contact us with details of your requirements
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Shakespeare Project Weeks

We offer a Shakespeare week working with KS1 and/or KS2 where the children improvise and create their own version of one of Shakespeare’s immortal tales. The combined effort of all year groups involved culminates in a performance for an invited audience on the Friday afternoon.

  • As with the two-hour workshop the children require no prior knowledge of the play.
  • On Day One we take the children through the play using our interactive workshop.
  • During the course of the week we have two sessions with each class working on their particular section of the play and then bring it all together on the Friday.
  • We arrive armed with a skeleton version of scenes but the children are encouraged to input their own creative ideas.
  • We try to use as much of the original text as possible even if it is in the form of a rap!
  • There is also scope for making props and costumes where appropriate and for the children to use their instrumental skills.

A complimentary Teachers’ Pack is provided.


What did you enjoy most about FINDING THE WILL? There was so much to enjoy! It was the ‘buzz’ and excitement that built up as the week went on. Children and adults all so enthusiastic and committed to producing the fabulous play. Personally – watching so many of our children grow in confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning. What do you think the children took away from FINDING THE WILL? Where to begin? A real sense of confidence and achievement. Throughout the week, the children became ‘intrigued’ and ‘fascinated’ in Shakespeare and Macbeth – and were keen to discuss and learn more. The whole experience was new and invigorating for them. The thrill of the performance was fantastic – their faces showed exactly what they had taken from the week! What was the most valuable element of FINDING THE WILL for you as a teacher? So many drama and performance ‘tips’. Watching the way Richard and Jules worked with the children – giving them the gift of confidence and knowledge of Shakespeare! The Resource Pack was great to extend learning in between workshops (thank you). What can FINDING THE WILL improve upon? Nothing Would you be interested in booking another FINDING THE WILL workshop? Absolutely. Without doubt. Definitely. Yes please! I will also be telling every teacher I come into contact with – all over the country to book a workshop with you too!
Pinchbeck East Primary, Lincolnshire

Macbeth Project Week "First of all - thank you! The sound of laughter, cheering and clapping in our school hall has been but a distant memory for so long. Last week you managed to transport us to pre-COVID times and give us a glimpse of the hope a post-COVID apocalypse may contain.  When you consider how little those performers were the last time they trod the boards, we are both thrilled and proud of what they achieved in just 5 days. And while the audience may have been missing, the atmosphere and togetherness of Friday was just what we all needed. I am so glad that, albeit a year late, we managed to live up to the old saying, 'the show must go on'." Deputy Head, Anson Primary, Cricklewood
Anson Primary, Cricklewood, London

What did you enjoy most about FINDING THE WILL? Seeing the children blossom as the week progressed. So pleased that some of the children were able to overcome their anxieties – it was so good for them! And to have you back – we really needed something like this for all of our wellbeing! What do you think the children took away from FINDING THE WILL? So many of our children found new confidence and overcame anxieties. I haven’t seen them that excited about their learning in a long time. They flourished as the week progressed and there was a real buzz around the whole event. What was the most valuable element of FINDING THE WILL for you as a teacher? You get acting out of the children that we never could, but for me it was the buzz – the stupid Covid situation has really put a damper on school life and it was so lovely to see them so excited again.
St Botolph's Primary, Peteroborough

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