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Explorer Dome – Dome Shows

Different science topics

We have a variety of shows that cover aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences. Our shows are truly cross-curricular, designed to support and enhance science learning at all key stages. 

Shows for your audience

All our shows are led by enthusiastic, talented and fun science presenters who work with toddlers, schools groups, families and specialist adult audiences. We have the experience to tailor the sessions for the distinct age, interests and abilities of your group.

Travelling throughout the UK

Based in Bristol and Birmingham, we regularly visit schools from the Midlands down to the very tip of Cornwall, from Pembrokeshire across to the Home Counties and London, and we also ferry and fly our equipment to the islands and across to Europe and beyond! 

Established in 1998!

Our signature, effective approach is hands-on and interactive. 
We have been around for a while and continue to grow to cope with demand. Over the years we have met over a million children and have enjoyed every moment!

Every show is different!

Age, ability, background and interests, whether you are starting a topic or ending it with a ‘wow’. We like to pitch the show for your group and bring presenters with ideal skills and knowledge, so when you get in touch, do let us know more about your group.

Our shows in the Dome (25-40 people per show) include:

SpaceLightSound (KS2 only) – ForcesEnvironment/Earth – Body/Cells – WaterWinter (Nov/Dec only)

Our Chemistry shows (which don’t use the Dome and can accommodate up to 70 children per show) are: BubblesStates of Matter – Science Tricks

We also offer Rocket science shows and workshops: one interactive show accommodates up to 60 children, and each hands-on workshop accommodates up to 30 children. We recommend combining a show with a couple of workshops for the same children for a fab rocket filled day!

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