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Anglesey Sea Zoo – Educational Visits & Fun Days Out

Key StagesNursery, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5 and Universities
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Anglesey Sea Zoo aims to provide a fun and educational experience for groups, schools and individuals of all ages, within a family friendly atmosphere.

All the marine animals in our care are native British species, of which you will discover over 60. These can be found all around Britain from the warmer southern waters of areas such as Cornwall to the cold refreshing waters of Northern Scotland. As you wander around you will find information not only for all the animals, but also on important topics such as marine litter and invasive species.

We believe in providing value for money to all our guests, and aim to offer as much variety as possible to people of all ages that visit the Anglesey Sea Zoo. We recommend that visitors allow themselves several hours to see everything on site.


The marine biological staff at the Anglesey Sea Zoo are experienced educators, and are able to offer a rewarding, informative, and above all enjoyable experience for all ages and levels from nursery to university. We can provide everything you might need whilst here from simple worksheets to full guided tours, as well as seashore safaris and interactive talks and lectures from our marine biologists. 


Did you know we have downloadable workbooks you can use during your visit? Worksheets are available for ages 5-7 (KS1), 7-9 (Lower KS2), 9-11 (Upper KS2) and 11-12 (Year 7.) Print them out for your class to make your visit even more educational! 


Oh my goodness. What a hidden wee gem this one is. We visited here with our 6 year old autistic son. He was fascinated by the sea zoo and the staff was unreal, one member of staff brought him to the tanks and give him all the info regarding each animal. He was in his element. Such a brilliant place and not at all expensive. It's a must see.

The whole place is peaceful and interesting. The exhibits and displays are all fantastic. There's plenty to see and do.... and it is a fun and educational day out. I highly recommend a visit.

It's educational and gives children a great understanding and teaches them how to respect our oceans and sealife. There is a playpark here for after you've been around the centre for the kids to burn off their excited energy!

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