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Music Workshops for Schools

Click on the different links below to find out about facilitators who deliver a range of Music Workshops for Schools. You will then have access to the facilitator’s own promotional page. Then, if you have questions or wish to enquire further or book a workshop with them, there is a form for your use. You will find the form at the bottom of their page.

Music Workshops for Schools

African Drumming

African Drum and Dance

African Music and Storytelling

African Singing

Afro-Brazilian Hand Drumming

Afro-Brazilian Singing

Australian Instruments

Body Percussion

Bhangra Drumming

Brazilian Portuguese Singing

Caribbean Drumming

Carnival Drumming


Dhol Drumming


Gospel Singing



Indian Drumming

Jewish Singing

Junk Drumming


Samba Drumming


Spoon Playing


Tabla Drumming

Taiko Drumming

When we designed this website we did so with teachers in mind. The designers have been working with schools for more than 22 years. They wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you need, including Music Workshops for Schools. Unusually we also offer third-party administration services. If workshop facilitators do not themselves have dedicated staff to respond to teachers’ enquiries and bookings we will provide the service on their behalf.


If you remain concerned about admitting visitors to the school to deliver Music Workshops for Schools please be aware that we also have listings on this site for online workshops. Many workshop facilitators have had no income since March 2020. So without schools’ support, they will not survive. Therefore please provide that support as soon as you are able.

Promoting Music Workshop Providers

We have a listing on Edsuma. Edsuma is a fantastic and unique new online catalogue. Edsuma lists more than 700,000 products and services, in 27 categories, sold to schools. The catalogue features more than 800 suppliers to the sector, including facilitators of Music Workshops for Schools. Edsuma also enables buyers to quickly find what they need at the best price. Two categories are free to use including the one which features workshop providers and venues that welcome school visits. The other is stationery goods. You can purchase any of the other 25 categories for £10 a year each. Alternatively, if schools purchase all 25 categories the annual fee then reduces to £100. This is a reduction of 60% for each category!