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Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories – Guided Tours, Boat Trips & Educational Packages

Location(s)Rayrigg Road, Windermere Cumbria LA23 1BN
Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
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The new museum has an exciting and lively programme of tours, curriculum supporting creative and STEM workshops and boat trips from Early Years through to Key Stages 1-4.

Learning will be active and fun. It is happening in real time in our Conservation Workshop as boats are conserved, on the water as boats steam up in the morning, and in the many voices you will hear.

Children and young people will get hands-on experience how boats, steam and stories have shaped this part of the United Kingdom.

Inspired by the collection and landscape, our learning programme has been crafted to enrich children and young people’s understanding and enjoyment of this unique location. Join us on a new journey together.

The Experience

Bells & Whistles

This is a full day. Experiencing the museum boats ‘steaming-up’ in the morning, a guided tour, a hands-on workshop and a heritage boat trip. £13 per pupil (or minimum £195).


This is a full day as above without the heritage boat trip. £10 per pupil (or minimum £150).

Just Visiting

This is a morning or afternoon guided tour of the museum. £7 per pupil (or minimum £105) £200 per class.

School Workshops

Curriculum links: History, Literacy

Pupils can explore Arthur Ransome’s classic stories of adventure on Windermere through our unique collection and the landscape surrounding the museum to create their own poem or story.

Maths and mapmaking (KS1 KS2)
Dreamboats (KS1 KS2)
Sink or swim - forces (Early Years, KS1 KS2)
Life In The Lake (KS1 KS2)
Boatbuilding (KS3 KS4)
Engineering KS3 KS4 (Ready for Autumn term 2019)
Victorians on the Lake (KS1 KS2)


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