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Victoria Art Gallery – Art Gallery Visits for Schools

Location(s)Bridge St, Bath, BA2 4AT
Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsNo
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
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The Victoria Art Gallery provides a range of interactive and accessible activities that are fun and you learn about art too!

Early Years

Young people learn through creativity. Explore our art sessions which develop children’s imagination, speaking and listening skills, their personal social and emotional development and their understanding of the world.

Sensing the Seasons: Crunch and Crackle
Use all your senses to explore the changing seasons; from looking at our paintings of woodland walks and harvest to touching natural objects and exploring the sounds of autumn. Make a collage hedgehog scene. This activity supports understanding of the natural world.

My Monster
Turn yourself into a monster with a monster of a mask. See some of your favourite monsters in our special exhibition. This activity supports expressive art and design.

All About Me!
Explore our pictures of people, dress up and make a mini self-portrait using card, pastels and collage. This activity supports personal, social and emotional development.

Animal Explorer
Discover animals in the gallery paintings and open our wooden animal ark to see who is inside. Make colourful jointed animals out of card, split pins and collage to take back to your setting. This activity supports expressive arts and design. 

Key Stages 1 and 2


Don't just study art - make it! Explore our art and history sessions for schools.

Key Stage 1

1-hour and 90-minute interactive sessions based on the National Curriculum are held at the Victoria Art Gallery. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills in whole class, small groups and by individual work.

Autumn Colours
Explore the autumn landscape looking at our paintings of Britain’s fields and trees. Make a mini-sketchbook and create autumn pictures using pastels and watercolours.

Monsters Makers
Investigate our special exhibition and make a moving monster using card and colour. 

Plasticine People
Take a lesson with the inventor of Plasticine, William Harbutt. Find out about his life, and his invention of Plasticine. Try a range of ways of using Plasticine to make a 3D sculpture. A special session combining history and art.

Key Stage 2

Autumn Landscapes
See paintings by artists from the past 300 years.  Enjoy making a 3D biome to celebrate autumn and find out how artists show our landscape and the natural world.

Myths and Monsters
Myths and legends feature many well-known monsters. Explore our special exhibition and create a mythical monster that will star in your creative writing and make a folding story book.

Face to Face
Use ink and watercolour to create a portrait and explore our portrait collection of paintings, pottery and sculpture.

Face to Face with the Greeks
Investigate and sketch the Parthenon frieze. Explore original Greek objects and find out more about Ancient Greek art and architecture. Children will create a bold design using faces from Greek art and mythology. They will use ideas from the Gallery's displays of paintings and ceramics. 

Creating landscapes
Enjoy our special exhibition using paper creatively. Investigate British Landscapes and create imaginary scenes using magazines, textures and 'torn' paper. Choose a country landscape, city scene or streetscape.

How to design an exhibition
Find out how galleries work: explore displays from a new, expert view point and design a poster for an exhibition. Watch the video below before your session.

Each time a new exhibition is opened at the Victoria Art Gallery we have planned each step in the process. In this video you will see behind the scenes and find out how we create new exhibitions.

There is a time lapse section at the end of the video which shows the hard work that goes on when changing over our exhibitions. This takes place normally in 5 days but here it takes just a few seconds!

Key Stage 3

Studying arts is about observing the real world and presenting it in a new and creative way. Explore our art sessions for secondary schools.

Exhibition tours
Book an exhibition tour with one of our workshop leaders and find out about our special exhibitions. Find out how a gallery works in practice and what it is like to work in one.

Welcome to the Art Gallery!
A 2-hour creative session contributing to coursework and engaging with our permanent and special exhibitions. View our What's On pages for current exhibitions. Following whole class discussion, students explore ways of recording observations made in the galleries. They work individually with dry materials. Have you got a theme you are working towards that we could help with?

Resources for teachers
We have worked with an art teacher, Trystan Wilson from Chew Valley School to create a resource pack on the artist William Scott. William Scott is Bath’s most famous painter since Gainsborough. He lived for most of his life near Bath, first in Hallatrow (1946-65) and later in Coleford (1965-89). He also taught for ten years as Senior Painting Master at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham Court. Download the pack below.


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