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The Hub – Museum Trips for Schools

We welcome educational groups of all ages

Visiting the Hub is a fantastic opportunity to learn not only in context but by personal engagement and discovery. Visitors can explore contemporary craft and design of national and international significance by investigation, exploring techniques and processes, critical thinking and an organised practical activity.

The Hub is committed to supporting learning for people of all ages. We offer a variety of craft, design and dance workshops and events throughout the year.

Our workshops range from craft and design and visual arts to dance and movement and we can work with you to develop a bespoke workshop or project that meets your specific creative or curriculum needs.

All workshops can include a talk and tour around our galleries, along with activities designed to accompany the current exhibitions. Alternatively, we can deliver workshops or longer projects in your educational setting.

Royal Opera House: Create & Design Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Join us for an afternoon of free CPD that introduces the Royal Opera House’s Design programme for Key Stage 2.

Create & Design is an entirely FREE learning programme for KS2, aligned to the National Curriculum framework for Design & technology and supporting Art & Design. The programme opens a window on the world of Ballet and theatrecraft.

Children are introduced to the Royal Ballet’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and inspired by this, develop their own set design for the ballet; following a live brief from Royal Ballet Director Kevin O’Hare and a 10-week scheme of work for teachers.

Children will:

  • Follow the 6 stages of design to research, play with ideas and experiment with materials as they develop their own original ideas.
  • Explore practical modelling skills, designing and making in 3D, improving skills such as manual dexterity, concentration and perseverance.
  • Access the Maths and Science curriculum as they model make, by learning how to work in scale and solve problems using a range of materials.
  • Produce a sketchbook of their research-led ideas, developing skills of personal expression and visual literacy as they work towards a final model box for a scene in the ballet.
  • Develop speaking and listening skills by presenting their work to their peers, reflecting and justifying their design choices and evaluating their peers work.
  • Select and refine a final design, making a final scale model for the ROH stage.

This free of charge CPD session with a professional stage designer that aims to inspire your practise as well as introduce the online Create & Design resources and scheme of work. During the session you will get to know the ballet, try out some class activities and get hints and tips for your delivery.

You can deliver the programme at any point in the year as a 10 lesson or 5 lesson model and there are lots of other ways to bring ROH to your classroom through our online resources or for you to visit ROH with your class.

ROH and the Hub are working in partnership to bring this CPD to Lincs and we hope that by the summer term we will be able to celebrate the work of all the children who have taken part with an exhibition.

Sign up to the Royal Opera House Learning Platform to access the free online resources and sign up for the CPD

Wed 2 Mar 2022 1-3.30pm
Key Stage 2

Core Offer — Printmaking Workshop

As an ongoing option throughout the year, we work with locally-based artist Harriott Brand, to deliver a printmaking workshop. Various printmaking options are available, including mono, lino or collagraph printing techniques.

This session works well if the pupils are working on a specific theme at school and want to explore it in more detail with different media. Schools can either bring their own inspiration with them if they are following a specific topic, or can be inspired by our current programme of exhibitions and showcases.

£220 for 4 hour workshop
Key Stage 1,2,3 or 4

Dance in Schools

We are now taking bookings for school workshops for the new academic year. If needed we can deliver pre-recorded virtual classes.

Bring dance to your school with delivery from expert and experienced dance artists. We offer bespoke curriculum based workshops, themed dance days or a series of sessions leading to a performance.

For more information, or to book, contact
All Key Stages

Core Offer — Move.Mind.Make

Move.Mind.Make workshops give children an opportunity to explore mindfulness and creativity through dance and movement. Sessions are designed to develop healthy minds and bodies through child friendly yoga based activities, breathing techniques, relaxation and a chance to make and create dance together.

Combine your Move.Mind.Make sessions with a gallery tour. Using reflection and meditation exercise to engage with the exhibition the tour.

£120 per session
All Key Stages

Core Offer — Dance Fit

Our Dance Fit programme is for children and young people to learn about and experience healthy living, fitness, well-being and diet through fun-filled dance sessions. Participants are actively involved in recording their own progress and achievement through the use of fitness trackers and Dance Fit log books.

One of our dance artists would deliver these sessions in your own school or venue. Sessions are offered termly or as a block booking for the whole academic year.

Please email for prices
All Key Stages


All offers are subject to availability of the artists.
All prices + VAT

All workshops include a tour of the exhibition and are adaptable for different age groups and group sizes. Workshops are suitable for all abilities.

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