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Teach-It Through Drama – Florence Nightingale

Location(s)London & Surrounding Areas
Key StagesKS1, KS2
Special SchoolsYes
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Enhanced DBSYes
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Teach-it-through-drama was set up in 2003 to provide Primary schools, in London and surrounding counties, with high quality and affordable, interactive drama activities for exploring all areas of the curriculum. We are now one of the leading drama workshops companies in London. We also provide interactive storytelling and drama related activities for galleries and museums, arts centres and festivals.

Over the years we have developed a mixture of very popular participatory Storytelling Shows and interactive Drama Workshops, all directly related to the curriculum. We also provide ‘Teachers’ CPD Sessions to give teachers the confidence to use tried and tested drama techniques in the classroom.

We work in role with the children so that they are immersed in the activity, rather than being passive observers. Our drama strategies encourage creativity, imagination, thinking skills and understanding across the curriculum, to release potential for all children, whatever their perceived academic ability.

In response to requests by teachers in 2018-19, we have developed a new drama workshop for KS1 or KS2 about the WWI hero Edith Cavell to add to our list of drama workshops and shows based on ‘Famous People’.

We remain convinced of drama's unique ability to develop communication skills and social awareness, to inspire creativity and self-expression, to instil a sense of self- esteem, self-confidence, achievement and identity.


Using a selection of Victorian artefacts, Miss Nightingale will tell the children about her early life, her dreams of becoming a nurse and then take them back in time to experience life as it was for her in Scutari.

The children, dressed as nurses, soldiers and doctors, will have fun in role, whilst learning about the health hazards of Victorian life, the Crimean war and the nursing methods pioneered by Miss Nightingale.


““We were so impressed with the Florence Nightingale workshop. The actress was very good at keeping the children involved in such brilliant learning. The workshop catered for the different learning styles. There were visual elements as well as practical parts which allowed the children to have a hands-on experience. It was a superb introductory session in our history topic as it got the children interested and focused on their learning. Many thanks”
Romina Gonnella, Marion Vian Primary School, Bromley.

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