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Tank Museum – Museum Trips for Schools

Location(s)Linsay Rd, Bovington, Wareham, BH20 6JG
Key StagesKS2
Special SchoolsNo
Public LiabilityOver 5,000,000
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It’s much more than just tanks… Discover our exciting range of curriculum linked workshops for schools.

We cover a range of topic areas, spanning history and work with you to ensure that the visit supports your learning objectives. To make a booking, please use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.


Each workshop lasts 45 minutes, depending on your arrival time and the size of the group.

Price per pupil
2 Workshops £5
3 Workshops £7
4 Workshops £9

Key Stage 2 Workshops

First World War

tommy in the trenches

See what life was like for the average Tommy. 

The Tommy in the Trenches workshop uses the Museum’s superb reconstructed trench system and items from the handling collection including uniforms, helmets, rifles, gasmasks and grenades. The workshop explores how soldiers trained, what they ate, the uniform they wore and what it was like to live in a trench.

Goes well with: Real Life of a Warhorse, The First World War Tank Experience


First World War Tank Experience

The Tank Museum is the only place in the world you can climb inside a real First World War Mark IV tank.

This First World War Tank Experience workshop includes an interactive talk on why the tank was invented, how it worked and what life was like for the crew.

Goes well with: Tommy in the Trenches, Real Life of a Warhorse


Real life of a war horse

Find out what it was like to be an animal at war. 

Using our Warhorse to Horsepower exhibition, students will explore how animals were used in the conflict and use their findings to write the diary entry of a horse, donkey or mule. They will meet our replica cavalry horse ‘Blackjack’ and handle real kit and equipment worn by cavalry horses, as well as trying on First World War uniforms.

Goes well with: Tommy in the Trenches, The First World War Tank Experience.


Christmas in the trenches

Learn all about Christmas on the Front Line

The Christmas in the Trenches workshop uses drama and the Museum’s reconstructed trench system to explore Christmas on the Western Front and the ‘Christmas truce’ of 1914. There is the opportunity to get into character by trying on soldier’s uniform, kit and equipment. Pupils will also use artefacts from the Museum’s collection to discover what Christmas presents soldiers would receive.

Goes well with: The First World War Tank Experience and Real Life of a Warhorse

Second world War

Find out all about what it was like in Britain during WW2.

Dealing with the Blitz and organisations such as the Home Guard, ARP and Women’s Land Army, pupils will explore the Museum’s extensive collection of Second World War artefacts. Pupils can try on a range of gas masks, helmets and uniforms and try out a real (and very loud!) hand-cranked air raid siren.

Goes well with: The 1940s House, The Funny Tanks of D-Day


Experience the Home Front in a reconstructed street scene.

Pupils will roleplay the lives of a housewife and shop keeper of the 1940s. How did people shop, cook and plan their meals during rationing? Explore the contents of an evacuee’s suitcase and discover how people washed and cleaned. Plus, experience a ‘real’ air raid in an Anderson shelter.

Goes well with: Britain in the Second World War, The Funny Tanks of D-Day


Why did the Allies launch an invasion of France in 1944?

In the Funny Tanks of D-Day workshop, pupils will use a model of a Normandy beach and their problem solving skills to find out how tanks were adapted to face the challenges of a beach landing. They will also have a go at making a ‘real’ 28 ton Sherman tank float.

Goes well with: Britain in the Second World War, The 1940s House.


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