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StrangeFace – Mask Making Workshops for Schools


Strangeface runs a series of ‘making’ and ‘using’ workshops, which are designed to introduce the creative potential and playfulness of masks to schools, colleges and other groups. These courses can be used to –

  • create a piece of devised mask theatre

  • provide a resource for generating new ideas

  • make a set of mask for future exploration

Workshops can take place in a venue of your choice. Masks are made on a table top vacuum former. The method is quick, clean and allows a mask to be made in a fraction of the time it takes using other methods, such as papier-mache. The result is a durable lightweight mask with a smooth finish.

Mask Making  – One Day Workshop

The one day workshop provides an intensive introduction to mask. After a practical look at what makes a good mask, each member of the group goes on to make their own basic mask. The final part of the afternoon is spent exploring the masks using exercises and improvisation.

Mask Making  – Two Day Course

Following a practical exploration of different types of mask, the group establishes some basic principles of mask practice and notions of what makes a ‘good’ mask. Each member of the group then makes and paints their own mask. The afternoon of the second day is spent practically exploring masks made.

Mask Making Residencies
Price On Request Subject To Requirements

Residencies are tailored to the requirements of the group and can be based around specific themes, stories or issues. Groups may use the process to produce a finished piece for performance or as a solid platform to develop further work. A typical example would be a five day residency based on Grimm’s fairy tales, in which the group spends two days making masks going on to devise a piece for performance on the fifth day.

Using Masks From £175 per 90 minute session

These drama-based workshops are adaptable to suit your needs and timetable. Popular sessions include:

Introduction to mask
Commedia dell’Arte
Using half masks
Devising with Masks

Please note that due to the flexible nature of these workshops, prices quoted are meant as a general guide. All of our workshops are ideally suited to groups of approximately 20 students and can be adapted to suit your specific curriculum requirements. Travel and accommodation costs may apply.

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