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Scarabeus Aerial Theatre – Beyond Flying Workshop for Schools

Location(s)129 St. John's Way London N19 3RQ , UK
Key StagesKS3, KS4
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
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Scarabeus Aerial Theatre produces pioneering outdoor, and recently indoor  performances fusing aerial skills with visual theatre and choreographed movement in site-specific, immersive and touring performances. We create spectacular thought provoking and  unforgettable productions and participation projects dealing with contemporary narratives aimed at awakening empathy, ethical and political consciousness in our wide range of audiences. 

Established in 1988 by husband and wife Soren Nielsen and Daniela Essart, Scarabeus’ vision has grown with its founders. Our work with the local community has always been at the core of our artistic vision, but having our own child in 1999 prompted us to think even more deeply about young people and making a difference at the grassroots (or in the air!).

We believe in the power of culture and creativity to transform the lives of children, young people and families. We believe in early intervention, and that disadvantaged children and families should be offered high quality, empowering opportunities that might be difficult for them to access otherwise. Using structured programmes combining aerial skills, physical theatre and yoga, we help building self-confidence and aspirations in a supported environment, which improves their chances in life.
Originally piloted at Chingford Foundation School, Scarabeus led a series of innovative sharing and performance events at the School, at the Lea Valley Festival and at an Olympics Conference at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London.
Using as a starting point issues that were central to this group of 20 young people (knife crime, bullying etc), we facilitated them to devise material combining aerial dance and forum theatre.
The young people used the vehicle of site-specific aerial performance to express their experiences and opinions to their peers and community.


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