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Pulse CSI – CSI Workshop in a Box

Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5 + BTEC
Special SchoolsYes
Public LiabilityLess than 5,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesFrom £695 to £995
Administration Service Administered by the provider

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So what is ‘Workshop in a Box?

‘Workshop in a Box' is our new Forensic Science Programme available online and played through your schools/colleges' preferred media choice. A box of authentic forensic science resources is packaged and labeled in a box for you to run and supervise a fun, interactive, and engaging forensic science session in conjunction with online videos and pre-recorded audio tutorials and lesson plans.

Additionally, if required, we could also be available to deliver this session ‘LIVE’ on your school’s required platform, at an additional cost.

We can tailor our ‘Workshop in Box’ to your required number of students and we can also cater to smaller cohorts. Many of you will have already experienced our CSI Forensic Science Workshop deliveries at your schools and colleges and so you will be familiar with the format, however, for those who have not, this will be a simple process to follow.

‘Workshop in a Box’ comes in a choice of 3 different packages: 

Bronze, Silver, and Gold 









These packages include a Morning Session Box (Bronze) and an Afternoon Session Box (Silver and Gold).

The morning session will include the following resources for up to 30 students: Magnifying Glasses, Microscopic Torch, UV Torches, Magnetic Wands, Magnetic Powder, Black Ink, Keyring Case + Lid, Keyring Inserts, Footwear & Fingerprint Templates, Fingerprint Pattern’s, etc;

(If you are familiar with our onsite format, you will recognize this all from the Morning session).

  • Printed Crime Scene Scenario’s (A1 – poster size) x 5 (Based on 30 students)
  • Packaged Evidence Bags
  • Incident Reports and Suspect Profiles

(If you are familiar with our onsite format, you will recognize this all from the Afternoon Session)

Everything you could possibly require to run a successful Forensic Science Workshop either for a Full or Half a Day session or you could take it over a week.


All the resources in the boxes are for the school to keep, therefore it is reusable for future use with other classes and/or year groups. Additional consumables (re-fills) can be purchased via our online shop, through your dedicated login, a link will be emailed to you with your login details once you have purchased the box and your desired package.


Ordinarily, the workshop and resources are used to capture the authenticity of a ‘Crime Scene Examiner’ investigating a Crime Scene and we have always, as such provide PPE for our CSI Forensic Science Workshops delivered by us in schools.

However, due to the pandemic and current worldwide shortage of PPE, we have made the cost of PPE (White SOCO Suits, Gloves, Masks & Overshoes) an optional purchase at an additional cost to your school, if required, this is because the cost of PPE equipment has risen by nearly 500% since the start of the pandemic.

Our new and unique program ‘Workshop in a Box’ pricing guide is above and I hope there is an option for your school and your budget, however, you may need your package to be customized, so if this is the case contact us.

Workshop in a Box

Workshop in a Box Pricing Options

Bronze; Primary, Secondary, SEC, BTEC


Silver; Primary, Secondary, SEC, BTEC


Gold; Primary, Secondary, SEC, BTEC



We would like to express our gratitude to Pulse CSI for the forensic science workshop delivered at Longfield Primary School. It was a fantastic real-world taste of the actual work done by CSI agents and scientists. Giving children the opportunity to immerse themselves in their learning, engaging with it at greater depth. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all students and staff. We were very impressed by the friendly and professional manner in which the session was conducted as well as the organisation and the quality of the resources provided. Whilst the workshop itself provided ample opportunity for children to acquire new skills and knowledge, it also had the additional benefit of being a great team-building exercise and we were all taken aback by the autonomy of the children when facing challenges, especially in the second half of the day. We are especially grateful for your input on e-Safety, an area often considered laborious and dull, which was brought to life and made totally relatable.
Longfield Primary School, Harrow, Middlesex

This was a tailored CSI Workshop we delivered in conjunction with the school, what a fantastic day! I wonder what the theme will be next year! “Forensics Day with PulseCSI was an absolutely brilliant day. From start to finish, the pupils were totally engaged in the crime, the CSI training and the application of their newly acquired skills. Basing the day around a ‘crime’ committed on school grounds, CSI Thompson led the pupils through the entire process of a forensic investigation carefully teaching them the skills they would need to solve the ‘crime.’ Fingerprint analysis, hair and fibre techniques and suspect profiles fascinated the pupils who were thrilled to be kitted out in full Forensic kit straight away. Suspect and witness interviews throughout the course of the day dovetailed with forensics analysis leading to the final line-up of suspects and concluding questions from the pupils. A last-minute call from the Forensic lab revealed the true culprit in a dramatic denouement at the end of the day. We would all like to thank CSI Thompson for a fantastic day!
The Manor Preparatory School, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Many thanks again for the session you did at our school, the children all thoroughly enjoyed it and the staff did too! From start to finish the entire day was well organised and resourced, enabling all of the children to access the activities that were planned and develop brand new skills. The taking of fingerprints, handprints, shoe threads and looking at hair through a microscope, allowed the children to discover what CSIs actually do and to understand what would actually happen if they committed a crime in real life. The 90 children that participated were engaged for the entire day and the fact that so many of them remained in their CSI outfits (despite the warm weather) just showed their commitment to the session and activities that they were given. This really is a credit to what you do. In the afternoon, we saw some of our quieter children really come out of their shells and fully participate in solving who had committed the murder, which was great to see too. St. Elphin’s thank you once again for such an amazing day!
St Elphin's Primary School, Warrington, Cheshire

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