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Palaeoquest – Evolution and Inheritance

Location(s)Based in Southeast, London, and Midlands
Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3
Special SchoolsNo
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
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This workshop covers the Evolution and Inheritance KS2 topic. (Also ideal for KS3+).  Examine an extensive collection of fossil specimens through 8 different prehistoric time periods to discover how life on earth changed through the millennia. Record and interpret your findings, and see the evidence for evolution in front of your very eyes. Meet your ancestors, and some other weird and wonderful prehistoric creatures.

Discover how genes can change as they are passed on to descendants. Take the Natural Selection Challenge. Find out who adapted and who didn't .... and how this amazing process actually happens, through a series of activities.

Dr Helen, palaeontologist & child-friendly scientist, brings rocks, fossils, artefacts, games, challenges, knowledge & enthusiasm into your classroom to help you, the teachers, inspire a future generation of scientists & creative thinkers.  Ideal for your Science Week, curriculum topic, or as enrichment activities, Palaeoquest workshops are very "hands-on".  Children are encouraged to explore, discover, ask questions, and work together - in the way that real science is done.  Dr Helen (BSc, MSc, PhD) has worked in universities & industry, & has published her research in international journals.  She now works with schools to provide innovative & engaging STEM, Geography & History activities to pupils... always backed up by real science.

Workshops include:  Rocks & Fossils;  Evolution & Inheritance;  Dinosaur Hunters;   Stone Age Explorers;  Eco & Climate Change;  Rock Mapping & Geochallenge;  Palaeopuzzles.


"This has been a fantastic workshop. The children were fully engaged and learned so much in a hands-on, investigative way. They were able to use and improve different skills."
Year 6 Teacher

"Well-timed, well-paced, well-resourced activities for a range of needs, interests and learning styles. An enjoyable day, thank you."
Year 6 Teacher

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