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National Army Museum – Museum Trips for Schools

Visit the galleries

Self-guided gallery visits

Schools that do not want to attend a workshop but would still like to visit the Museum are welcome to come for a self-guided tour of the galleries. Our interactive galleries showcase a huge number of objects that tell fascinating stories about the Army’s past and present.


The Museum’s galleries are organised by theme. Each gallery spans of the history of the British Army with a different focus.

Formation gallery

Formation gallery brings to life the origins and traditions of Britain’s Army. It introduces the Army’s evolving role on the home, European and world stage, and explores the values that motivate its soldiers.

Soldier gallery

Soldier gallery looks at what it’s like to serve as a soldier. From joining up as a new recruit to coming home, it explores soldiers’ experiences through their own words and often surprisingly personal objects.

Army gallery

Army gallery addresses fundamental questions such as ‘Why do we have an army?’ It explores the origins of the Army in the chaos of the British Civil Wars, its major role in the political development of the country, and its impact on global history.

Society gallery

Society gallery brings together objects and stories that tell us about our relationship with the Army. It examines the Army as a cultural and military force that impacts on our customs, technologies and values.

Battle gallery

Battle gallery demonstrates how the Army fulfils its most challenging task – fighting battles. It covers the entire history of the Army at war, from the 17th century to the present day.

School children completing a gallery trail

Gallery trails

Support and enrich your trip by using our free gallery trails. We have many topics to choose from. Each trail is curriculum-linked and tested by teachers and learners, and highlights relevant objects throughout the Museum’s galleries.  

Gallery trail leaflets can be downloaded from our website. We also have printed copies of these available for schools to use at the Museum.

How to book

Self-guided visits to the museum are free. But please inform our Learning team in advance by completing our online booking form.

We can also offer lunch room spaces and coat/bag drop for schools. Please let us know any particular needs when booking so the Learning team cam advise you on the best options available.

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