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Mika – Samba Drumming Workshops for Schools

Mika is a musician and dancer working in performance arts in the UK since 2005, specialising in Brazilian percussion as well as song and dance.

She takes yearly training visits to Brazil to continue her professional development and speaks Brazilian Portuguese, which she likes to use when teaching workshops.

She works with all ages and levels covering a range of Brazilian musical styles including:

  • Brazilian Samba Drumming
  • Afro-Brazilian Hand Drumming
  • Body Percussion
  • Brazilian Portuguese Singing
  • Afro-Brazilian Singing

Her workshops can be linked to your topic or area of the curriculum to ensure the very most is gained from her visit.

Requirements for Samba Drumming

A school hall or a large cleared room, with enough space for the group to sit in a circle (either on chairs or PE benches).

Equipment Hire

If you have booked a samba drumming workshop a daily hire charge of £50 will automatically be added to the cost of the workshop as she will be bringing with her all that is needed for a class of 30 participants. She brings a samba kit which is properly tuned and enough for the whole class to participate.

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