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Just 4 Funk – Breakdance Workshops for Schools

About us

Just 4 Funk Productions is a professional division of Just 4 Funk Crew, Devon’s top Breaking (AKA Breakdancing) crew (group). Established in 2007, we’ve won battles, performed shows, and delivered top quality workshops all over the UK and Europe.

Just 4 Funk Productions are based in Exeter, UK, with some members and associates further away in the UK and France. The crew is primarily a BBoy/Bgirl crew though we also include Poppers, Lockers and Graffiti writers.

Just 4 Funk regularly battle around the UK and Europe. We have performed at events such as Breaking Convention: An International Festival of Dance Theatre at Sadlers Well’s, and won competitions such as City vs City BBoy Championships,  Stoopid Fresh, and Bones To Tha Stones.

Just 4 Funk Productions are one of a a very limited number of urban arts companies who only provide authentic and top-quality urban arts shows and workshops. Unlike some commercial companies in the UK, we only teach art forms we are experts in. Where we aren’t experts, we bring in experts.

Our mission:

Our aim is to share this authentic dance style with as many people as possible. We believe this is a great way to bring different groups of people together, build self-esteem and confidence, to promote health and fitness and hopefully to produce some awesome dancers along the way.

Find out more about Breaking in our dance history and information section.

Do you want to inspire your students and young people to dance?

Or would you like to take their interest in dance to the next level?

Are you interested in the other benefits of introducing them to this dynamic and exciting dance style?

Our workshops are a great way to:

  • Motivate students who may not have an interest in sport

  • Get boys and girls dancing

  • Challenge dance students to expand their vocabulary

  • Engage students who demonstrate challenging behaviour 

We run breaking (breakdance) workshops for all ages.

Breaking/bboying (breakdance) and other street dance styles are not part of a regulated industry and there are a lot of teachers out their teaching “their own version” of street dance. However, street dances are traditional styles with a history and established vocabulary.

When you book a workshop with Just 4 Funk, you know your students will learn the real thing.

This is important if they ever want to move into a career in dance. It’s also important because the real thing is so much more inspiring  – learning the real breaking and other street dance styles properly allows your students to tap into the 40 year history and tradition of street dance that has kept it alive and growing. These styles have captured the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life, all over the globe. They can do this for your students too – if you get a teacher that actually knows them!

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