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Ironbridge Fine Art – Printmaking Workshops

Key StagesKS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsNo
Public LiabilityOver 5,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPlease contact us with details of your requirements
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We can bring Printmaking Workshops to your School, College or University.

Overview of a 1-day Printmaking workshop.

The day starts off with an inspirational talk by Jenny Gunning, where she shares her personal experience on what it is like to be a full time printmaker, run her own business, and make a living doing something she is genuinely passionate about. Jenny will also provide numerous demonstrations on how to make the plates and print them as well as guiding students through the printmaking techniques and printing processes.

1 day Printmaking Workshop Drypoint £320 plus materials.

Create one plate using zinc, aluminium or styrene and print using intaglio, relief, chine-collé, a la poupée.

1 day Printmaking Workshop Collagraph £320 plus materials.

Make 3 plates in the morning and print from them in the afternoon using chine-collé, a la poupée

Overview of a 2 day Workshops £590 plus materials.

The first day starts off with an inspirational talk by Jenny about following your dreams and running your own business. Jenny discusses what life is like as a full-time printmaker, as well as giving a variety of demonstrations on making plates and printing, she will be available for help and support throughout. The plates will develop on the first day and be ready to print on the second day. Proof prints will also be provided in order to help each student get a final piece which they are happy with.

2-day Printmaking workshop Collagraph and Carborundum. £590 plus materials.

Day 1 – making x 5 different plates using 5 different variations of collagraph and including carborundum in each plate.

Day 2 – Working on the dried plates and then printing them using including both traditional and contemporary processes and techniques.

2-day workshop Etching £590 plus materials 

Day 1 – Copper sulphate and salt – Non-Toxic – making the plates using different variations of line and tone with the use of one aquatint. Ability to make test prints as the plate develops,  aluminium, zinc or steel can be used, depending on your budget.

Day 2 – Printing the plates in intaglio, relief,  chine-collé and a la poupée.


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