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ididgeridoo – Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo Workshops for Schools

Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo Workshops 

Ididgeridoo provides educational aboriginal didgeridoo music workshops for schools throughout the UK, and has been doing so for a number of years, covering all Key Stages from Primary through to Secondary education, including special provisions and PRU’s.

Over time and building on his experience, Matt Willems (aka Copperman), through Ididgeridoo, has developed didge workshops for schools to make them not only as educational and constructive as possible but above all else fun!

Workshops are fully interactive and rely on audience participation – including learning to play the didgeridoo. Every session is tailored for that particular workshop so the content can be amended to reflect the needs of the pupils, for example, to tie in with an ongoing project.

Materials for Didgeridoo Workshops

Plastic didgeridoos are supplied for every pupil in a workshop, along with any other items required or needed as agreed (for example clapsticks etc.)

Guidance Notes for Didgeridoo Workshops

Workshop content is adjusted to accommodate the age and abilities of pupils. If you have children with special needs, please make us aware so that we can adapt the workshop accordingly.

To ensure a productive workshop we generally recommend groups have no more than 30 pupils. With larger groups, more space is required as each pupil will have their own didgeridoo!

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