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FabDrumming – Gumboot Dancing and African Dancing Workshops

Location(s)Somerset and Surrounding Counties
Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPlease contact us with details of your requirements
Administration Service Administered by the provider

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Gumboot Dancing & African Dancing Workshops

Gumboot dancing originated in the mines during apartheid in South Africa. The workers made music with the only things available to them: their voices, hands, and rubber gumboots!
This dynamic and powerful dance style consists of rhythmic slaps, claps, stomping and singing.
Gumboot Dancing is a high energy, percussive, fun activity. The basic steps are easy to pick up and moves are easily adapted to suit different abilities.
Don't forget to bring your wellies! 

In African dance daily life is an inexhaustible source from which it draws its inspiration. It's expressive, dynamic and a good way to get fit!
In most parts of the world making music, singing and dancing belong together. Why should you stand still when the music wants to make you dance? Why keep quiet, when the music invites you to sing?

FabDrumming is run by Marion Nieuwenhuizen. Marion is a fully qualified teacher and teaches African Drumming, Junk Percussion, African Dance, South African Gumboot Dancing and Body Percussion.

Marion studied dance and music in Mali, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Ireland, UK and The Netherlands.
She holds a current enhanced DBS check. She is a member of the Musician's Union and is covered by up to £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.


Thank you so much for such a fantastic workshop this morning. Your energy and enthusiasm certainly inspired the children and it was a joy to watch their faces throughout the drumming session. The African Dance workshop was also huge fun - it was great to see all the children participate so enthusiastically. Thank you for bringing along the African clothes, they really enjoyed the fashion show. All in all a great morning and fantastic learning experience for all the children - they were buzzing all afternoon! We look forward to seeing you again next year, if not before....
Sarah Axton, Winscombe Primary School

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