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Cosmos Planetarium – Astrology Workshops for Schools

Cosmos Planetarium

Cosmos planetarium is a state of the art, fully digital, 360° immersive multi-media theatre experience. Our 6 metre mobile planetarium can accommodate up to 40 children or 25 adults – no need for expensive transport costs as we come to you!

With our planetarium software we can give you a virtual tour of the night sky as it will look that evening or any other evening for that matter. We can go thousands of years into the past or future. We can show all 88 constellations in the northern and southern hemisphere skies, including the wonderful ancient Greek and roman constellation artwork. We can zoom in on planets to see surface detail as well as their orbiting moons, see nebula and star clusters in our own galaxy or fly out to other galaxies millions of light years away (see below).

Our Mission Statement
To help unlock the breath-taking world of astronomy by making it easily understandable and fun for everyone.

Our Vision
To provide a state of the art, professional, exciting and fun mobile planetarium outreach service to the general public. In particular, to children and students who may not normally have the opportunity to experience this awe-inspiring branch of science.

Join Us on a Voyage of Discovery
Land on the surface of the moon with the Apollo astronauts, fly through the rings of Saturn, search for life in vast alien oceans plus travel to the outer regions of the solar system and beyond in each incredible planetarium session!

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