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Circus Skills York CIC – Circus Skills Workshops

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire, educate and to equip others through Circus skill based workshops. We love to create amazingly fun and enjoyable learning experiences. As STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) ambassadors we love holistic approaches and to fuse science, logical thinking and choreography with physical training. This is why we love Circus Skills!

Sometimes teaching can be tough. Teachers constantly have to motivate kids, minimise boredom, handle difficult behaviour, navigate through special needs and provide an education!! We can help with our circus skill-based PE lessons that create fun, excitement, exercise and stress-relief for all.

Boosting brain power
Helps dyslexic children
Improves Academic Skills
Why every school should teach circus skills


Educational Benefits:

  • Improves Academic Performance
  • Increases Mathematical skills
  • Improves understanding of physics (e.g. gravity)
  • Strengthens Performance & drama skill
  • Develops appreciation of the creative arts
  • Heightens concentration and focus
  • Releases imagination and creativity
  • Encourages creative problem solving
  • Develop transferable skills

Social Benefits: 

  • Increases confidence
  • Increases Self Esteem
  • Expands hobbies and interests
  • Endorses teamwork
  • Builds communication skills
  • Increases patience
  • Encourages Self Expression
  • Encourages Persistence
  • Promotes Self Analysis

Health Benefits:

  • Increases physical fitness
  • Improves coordination
  • Encourages Ambidexterity
  • Encourages Flexibility
  • Heightens Reflexes
  • Encourages rhythm and timing
  • Establishes Balance
  • Aids Body Orientation
  • Builds Resilience and perseverance
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