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British Schools Karting Championship – Racing Circuits for Schools

Key StagesKS3, KS4, KS5
Special SchoolsNo
Public Liability5,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
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The championship brings the thrill of motorsport into your school without major expense and can provide a wide variety of opportunities to build the curriculum around the excitement and motivation of participatory motorsport.

The BSKC provides more than just a fun opportunity to race. The BSKC can enable your school to:

  • Motivate students and staff - raised motivation = raised achievement
  • Develop organisation, teamwork and management skills in students
  • Bring STEM to life and enables you to bring real life STEM study into the core curriculum using the BSKC teacher support material
  • Find and develop the hidden talents of the Gifted and Talented
  • build an exciting and motivational curriculum project in Key Stage 3 using the BSKC curriculum kit
  • Develop staff and student relationships through this unique competition
  • Bring real motivation and the desire to learn to examination subjects using the BSKC examination projects
  • Improve behaviour by developing the desire to learn through the motivation to be the best


Motorsport of any kind can give exciting opportunities to motivate young people. Karting is one of the safest forms of motorsport and is accessible to all ages. It encourages youngsters to respect each other as it a thrilling, competitive non contact sport. There are also many other benefits that participation in any sport can bring, it just so happens that I feel karting is tops because it is very exciting but safe. A nationwide karting event as well organised as the BSKC must be supported by all who share the passion that young people will excel when an activity is fun, exciting and safe.
Paul Barnes - Maths Teacher - Bruntcliffe School, Leeds

Our students gained enormously from taking part in the British Schools Karting Championships. Some of our more vulnerable and under-achieving students gained a much needed boost in confidence and commitment from taking part in these races. For most it was the first time they had ever been able to try karting and they are still talking about it now.
Dan Harper - Enrichment and Extended Schools Manager - Writhlington School, Avon

What was most pleasing was that one of these pupils was a very quiet year 9 boy who up to that point had not been involved in any activities outside of the classroom. Subsequently our success at qualifying for the South East Regional Final earned the team members a mention in whole school assembly and some notoriety around school! This had a very positive impact on the aforementioned boy’s self-confidence both in and out of the classroom.The competition that year was extremely well run and the fact that the boys had the opportunity to get the ‘feel’ of the track in a practice session a week before the competition, proved very popular with the boys and to a certain extent gave it the feel of a professional qualifying session.
Steve White - Subject Leader of Physical Education - Dover Grammar School for Boys, Kent

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