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Beat Goes On – Afro-Brazilian Percussion inc. Samba

Location(s)Nationwide / International
Key StagesEYFS - KS5 and CPD
Special SchoolsYes
Public LiabilityLess than 5,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesBespoke quotes - please email for details.
Administration Service Administered by the provider

More about this Workshop/Service and the Provider

Beat Goes On are led by former STOMP cast member and former secondary music teacher Ollie Tunmer.

Beat Goes On Workshops

They currently offer the following fun, high energy workshops -

- STOMP-style Body Percussion

 - Afro Brazilian Percussion inc Samba

 - Body Percussion with Literacy (based on our work with Pie Corbett of Talk4Writing)

 - Junk Percussion - rhythms with rubbish and everyday objects (basketballs, chairs etc)

 - Boomwhackers & Bamboo Tamboo

 - Stepping and Hambone from the USA (body percussion)

 - Dhol rhythms from India (body percussion)

 - Middle Eastern and North African grooves  (body percussion)

 - West African polyrhythms (body percussion)

Organising the Day

We typically work with 30 at a time but this can vary, and we have a team of facilitators so we can work with more than one group simultaneously.

We can combine workshops and CPD, allowing the learning to continue after our visit.


‘For me, the most wonderful thing about the resources - apart from the carefully constructed sequencing and scaffolding, engagement, inclusivity, authenticity and top quality teaching - is the quality of your musicianship.  Your work here will have a major impact - thank you so much!’
Simon Toyne, Executive Director of Music, David Ross Education Trust President, Music Teachers' Association

Every class was buzzing after their body beats workshop. As music coordinator, I peeped in on all the sessions – they were perfectly differentiated for each age group and all the children were fully engaged and having a blast. Ollie is a stomping machine and brought good energy with him to our school.
Music Co-ordinator, Winslow School

I would highly recommend Beat Goes On for any of their programmes. They have a fantastic roster of instructors who are full of energy, personable and excellent at teaching a vast array body percussion.
Harrow Arts Centre

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