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Wild Forest Obstacle Centre – Adventure Activity Day School Trips Essex

Location(s)Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood CM15 0LA, UK
Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
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Training for life . . .

Our philosophy in training and working with children and students is to inspire and teach them staple tools and techniques that will give them an opportunity to grow, develop, gain confidence and in some cases an opportunity to find themselves.

Simply if we can teach a child or students to:

  • Climb a ladder, rope or wall, then they can learn to climb other ladders in their life.

  • Jump over ridges, bars and water, then they will be able to jump up an over challenges that they are confronted with.

  • Balance on beams, bars and slacklines will bring balance in their mind and emotions.

  • Crawl under, though, over and down, then they will be able to crawl and adapt to those things around them.

  • Run for enjoyment, rather than to escape or fend off.

  • Be part of a team, to delegate, to lead, to guide, to mentor and to follow.

  • Enjoy the outdoor environment, nature and it’s beauty.

  • Appreciate that exercise and fitness, can be fun and enjoyable.

These learning skills are examples of an aspect of our pedagogical practices here at the Wild Forest that support all students to learn at primary, secondary and higher level of education. Pedagogy in this very context can be evidenced by the very nature of learning in a natural environment which is educational, experimental, experiential, stimulating and thought provoking.

We believe that bringing the children and students into the forest will bring them in touch with their more sensitive side through contact with nature, tranquillity, peace and inspiration whilst stimulating other children to gain strength and confidence.

Primary Schools

Key Stage 1-2. Encourage teamwork and build self-confidence in the great outdoors. Discounted school rate available. 


Secondary Schools

Key Stage 3-4. Break free from the classroom, and let the outdoors teach new skills. Discounted school rate available. 


"I have never been on a school trip before where I have received so many ‘thank yous’ throughout the day . The course was exciting, challenging & incredibly muddy! Even the most hesitant children pushed through their apprehension, thanks to the encouragement of the wonderful Marshals, overcoming personal fears & experiencing a great sense of pride.​ The point of the team building trip was clearly not lost on them. I saw children supporting each other, cheering their friends on, offering a helping hand . I was very grateful for a little team who dragged me out of the mud at one point! I think my highlight was when one child, whilst running beside me, said, “ It was so lovely… I’ve just had children helping me who I have never even spoken to before”. Another said, “I know this is a school day I will never, ever forget! Mission accomplished – relationships grown, team work developed and personal achievements soaring through the roof… and just the most amount of muddy fun ever!"
Mrs J Walkom - Chalkwell Hall Junior School

"I cannot thank you enough for the organisation of our Bromfords 5KMud Run. The obstacles, challenges & level of mud exceeded mine and the pupils expectations. Every obstacle was different and so much fun! We already have people asking about next year! Thanks to Wild Forest we were able to create an event for not only our pupils but their families and friends and it was fantastic to see our Bromfords community come together. Thanks to your amazing team, our runners were forever encouraged and some even conquered their fears! Thank you again for making this so easy to arrange and most of all for bringing the Bromfords community together! I’ll look forward to round 2 next year! "
Chelsea Hutton - Bromford Secondary School April 2019

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