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Tynemouth Aquarium – School Trips & Curriculum-linked Workshops

Location(s)Grand Parade, Tynemouth NE30 4JF
Key StagesEYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Special SchoolsNo
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPeak (May to August) Child £6.50 Off Peak (September to April) Child £6.00
Administration Service Administered by the provider

More about this Workshop/Service and the Provider

Following government advice we are open to schools as normal during the coronavirus outbreak. See our statement here: Coronavirus Schools 13-03-2020

At Tynemouth Aquarium, we’re keen to help the young people of the North East learn more about marine life and the ocean. We offer a host of educational opportunities for students of all ages, from nursery and primary to secondary and higher education.

Our school trips are both educational and exciting, helping children to learn about important topics in an inspiring environment.

Find out more about our different school trip packages below. Once you’re ready to organise and book your trip, give our team a call on 0191 258 1031.

What’s new?

We have made our educational visits even better for 2020 with new facilities, new exhibits and new workshops.

Our new exhibit; River Giants is now open. Your class can come face to face with our friendly giants and learn some amazing facts about them!

We have upgraded our toilets, which are now more comfortable and environmentally friendly too.

Plus we have installed new lighting in our tanks and added new interactive elements around the Aquarium!

School Ticket Prices

Peak (May to August)

Child £6.50

Off Peak (September to April)

Child £6.00

Age Group Free Adults
Nursery 1 adult free for every 4 children
Primary 1 adult free for every 6 children
Secondary 1 adult free for every 10 children

Educational Workshops

Our workshops provide a unique and interactive learning experience for your group.

All workshops are designed to cover specific curriculum topics, encouraging learning in a fun environment.

Workshops last for approximately 30 minutes per group (of 30 children). Each visit includes one educational workshop per group. Choose from our selection of exciting topics:

NEW Eco Workshop (Can be tailored to any Key Stage)

From plastics, to climate change this is an important issue effecting our environment and the animals who live in our seas.

Our new workshop focuses on these issues and what can be done to combat them. We also look at the work done in our on-site Seal Hospital.

This new workshop can be tailored to any age group or key-stage!

Rockpool Encounter (Can be tailored to any Key Stage)

Meet our real-life rockpool creatures in an interactive, hands-on encounter. This workshop will teach children all about the fascinating creatures in rockpools, and will highlight how they have adapted to survive in one of the toughest habitats on Earth.

Who Lives Where? Learning About Habitats (Key Stage 1)

Investigate the different habitats at our aquarium – from colourful coral reefs to cold, sandy seabeds. Children will learn how animals adapt to their habitats to survive, asking questions such as “How do harbour seals keep warm in icy water?” and “How do animals avoid their predators using camouflage?”.

Life Cycles Under the Sea (Key Stage 2)

The marine environment creates unique challenges to the cycle of life, some of which have been met with amazing adaptability. This workshop follows many incredible animals from birth to adulthood, showcasing how they survive and reproduce. Children will also learn about the threats that are jeopardising these animals’ survival, and how humans can help protect and conserve them.

Sharks! (Key Stage 2)

This workshop dives into the world of sharks, discussing the anatomy and physiology of these ocean giants, focusing on the differences between shark skeletons and those of other vertebrates. Children will also get a close look at a shark’s dentition, including the different types of teeth and their primary uses. There is also a hands-on, close-up look at shark jaws, teeth, skin, and egg cases.

Terms & Conditions

  • All bookings must be made over the phone and in advance. Bookings are for 15 or more children, with no upper limit.
  • All schools must pay the full balance of the visit on arrival at Tynemouth Aquarium. School cheques, cash, and debit/credit cards are accepted (with the exception of American Express). A receipt will be provided on the day. We can not accept payment via BACS.
  • Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis, and we strongly advise you to book early for peak periods (during May, June, and July).
  • Tynemouth Aquarium is not responsible for personal items damaged or lost within the attraction or surrounding ground and car park, other than in circumstances covered by our Public Liability Insurance. All groups are advised to take out their own personal insurance for out-of-school visits and activities.
  • Tynemouth Aquarium would like to remind all visitors that for operational or other circumstances, certain exhibits, attractions, or facilities may be unavailable at any time.
  • Tynemouth Aquarium reserves the right to ask any individual or party to leave the premises if they are causing disruption or acting in a way that offends or disturbs other visitors. No monies will be refundable in this event.

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