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Time Travel Education – World War One Workshops for Schools

Location(s)Throughout the UK
Key StagesKS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesPlease contact us with details of your requirements
Administration Service Administered by the provider

More about this Workshop/Service and the Provider

With a key focus on History, we bring the subject to life through both our knowledge and passion for the subject.

Our blend of youth and experience is an integral factor identified by many when considering our services. Our youthful enthusiasm encourages a new and exciting approach to our experiences, whereas the vast experience means we have spectacular knowledge and countless stories, which can be used to inspire the next generation, all of which combines to create a fun and engaging approach for everyone.

The Workshop

Engaging – Immersive – Hands-on

Our WW1 workshops are an inspiring way to introduce the Great War to your pupils, or an exciting experience to reinforce the topics they have already covered. Our aim is simple; bring WW1 to life in the heart of your classroom.

Our WW1 workshops are tailored to your learning objectives and school timetable to make sure we meet all your group requirements. We can run several sessions in one day, and tailor each session to the needs of each group.

Pupils will have the opportunity to handle a range of genuine and replica objects in the safety of your classroom.

Our workshops are suitable for all age ranges and are tailored accordingly:

KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4

What will you learn?

Just some of the topics we can cover:

  • Causes of WW1
  • Recruitment & training
  • Trench life & conditions
  • Hygiene
  • Kit, equipment & weapons
  • Wounds and treatments


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