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Thinkers in Education – Realistic CSI Forensic Science Workshops

Key StagesKS2, KS3, KS4, KS5, BTEC
Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
FeesWorkshops available from £495+VAT
Administration Service Administered by the provider

More about this Workshop/Service and the Provider

Thinkers in Education has delivered specialist STEM workshops for over 20 years and been recommended by every hosting establishment. Since our inception in 2001 we have been passionate about providing the most stimulating learning experiences possible for students in Year 5 upward. Our aim is to help students develop vital thinking skills that enable them to succeed in education and beyond. We work with schools and universities to help people realise their potential.

CSI: The Forensic Science Thrillers

Developing Critical Thinkers in STEM

To ensure our forensic science events offer something unique and extraordinary we teach students to use the best forensic equipment and latest techniques to unravel truly thrilling stories. Every workshop combines effective pedagogy with strategies for the ‘gamification of learning.’

Your students will benefit from the same training used in our BTEC Level 3 CSI units - in workshops adapted for age, ability and time by our teams of experts. We provide complex, realistic and detailed scenarios that require participants to learn techniques spanning the age of forensic science, from latent fingerprinting through to ELISA testing and DNA electrophoresis.

Teams will analyse the crime scene, conduct a wide range of forensic tests, interpret evidence and scrutinise statements made by suspects. Participants will also need to think like detectives and develop their critical thinking skills as they uncover twists, turns and surprise revelations in dramatic mysteries that rival anything they may have seen on television.

The event is delivered as a game-like competition, in which teams of students compete against one another to use the technology, their skills and problem solving techniques to successfully reach a conclusion that fits with the evidence. Critical thinking is essential!

Delivered by a team of at least two presenters, a highly experienced STEM teacher and specialist learning assistant, each workshop runs seamlessly from one activity to the next – ensuring pupils are always engaged and time is effectively used with high relevancy to the curriculum. Workshops have been adapted to best challenge pupils considering their age and ability, with versions existing for KS2-KS5 classes.

Types of Workshop:

You can host multiple 1-Hour sessions in day for different classes (allowing up to 180 pupils to participate), two 2-Hour sessions (allowing up to 72 pupils to be included) or choose our deeply immersive Forensic Science workshops for up to 36 pupils lasting 1-5 days (perfect for term-time experience days or holiday school activities).

Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured everything is optimised to ensure time is used most effectively, allowing opportunities for students to work individually, in pairs and in teams. We can also provide a Performance Report for every participant - based on the individual challenges they complete.

Blood Types

Host 2-5 One-Hour Sessions for 36 pupils per session (£495 - £895 +VAT)

There has been a murder and four different suspects need to be investigated. But will the blood specialist prove to be an expert witness in the courtroom or lead detectives to the wrong prime suspect?

• Crime Scene Footage
• Suspect Analysis
• Blood Typing Practical
• Courtroom Quiz

Body in the Box

Host 1 or 2 Two-Hour Sessions for 36 pupils per session (£495 - £795 +VAT)

Human bones and a mysterious code have been found in a box hidden within a derelict car. Investigating teams need to determine stature, gender and ancestral origin but only a successful DNA test from suspected relatives will prove the identity of the body in the box!

• Crime Scene Video
• Missing Persons Database Analysis
• Skull Features & Deductions
• Bone Identification & Analysis
• DNA Electrophoresis or DNA Extraction
• Expert Witness Courtroom Quiz

Blood Pool

Host 1 or 2 Two-Hour Sessions for 36 pupils per session (£495 - £795 +VAT)

A body has been found and there is blood. Participants will conduct and analyse blood types and DNA fingerprints from the scene. One mistake may contaminate the evidence and when all is not what it may seem - someone may be about to get away with murder!

• Crime Scene Photo Analysis
• Suspects' Motives & Alibis
• ABO Blood Typing (Simulated)
• DNA Electrophoresis (Shared Equipment Required)
• Case Conclusions
• Expert Witness Courtroom Quiz

Dead on Time 1-Day

Host 1-Day Sessions for 36 pupils (£720 +VAT)

Our flagship CSI Forensic Science workshop since 2006 allows participants to investigate the death of a man found in a car. Teams will analyse the crime scene photos and investigate to identify the suspects. They must accurately complete Toxicology, Fingerprinting and DNA Electrophoresis tests and use their critical thinking skills to uncover twists, turns and shock revelations. 

The standard day includes hands-on practical challenges for every participant in Chemistry, Biology, English, Mathematics and Critical Thinking.

Students will compete in:

• Crime Scene Photo Analysis
• Fingerprinting Professionals
• DNA Fingerprinting (Requires Shared Equipment)
• Toxicology Testing
• Case Investigations
• Courtroom Quizzes

Additional Activities in 2-5 Day Programmes:

2-Day: £1296 / 3-Day: £1836 / 4-Day: £2304 / 5-Day: £2880 (+VAT)

All 2-5 day workshops include an ultra-realistic crime scene search and new forensic tests each day in our most in-depth scenario.  A reconstructed crime scene is transported to the venue in our 2+ day workshops ready for teams to explore.

Processing a Crime Scene • Blood Typing & Spatter Investigation • DNA Extraction • Anthropology • Animal Hair Analysis • Exploring Locard’s Principle • Soil Analysis • Photo-Fit Identification • Interrogations • Designing & Building Fumigation Chambers • Courtroom Drama • The Reconstruction


Additional Benefits:

Experienced Teacher Presenters:

For any workshop to be successful, students need to be fully engaged and excited by their learning. The pace, content, relevancy, challenge level, presentation style and classroom management all needs to be carefully delivered and go beyond the classroom experience. This is what we specialise in - and we have the time and resources to continually develop. It is one of the reasons every hosting schools has recommended our workshops since our launch in 2001.


A skill development map is included for every activity, listing the STEM skills explored. Plus, group and individual performance reports can be provided at the end of the workshop, helping staff with assessment and student development.

Celebrations of Achievement:

Certificates, medals and prizes are awarded after the workshop. They all help to promote STEM and foster enthusiasm for the subjects.

Risk-Free Reservations:

Simply request your preferred date(s) and we can send you marketing materials to promote your workshop to students and parents. If after 21 days you do not have enough students to participate and cover costs, or you do not wish to proceed you can cancel the workshop and pay nothing.


In addition to reinforcing core scientific concepts and exploring where the curriculum can lead, the programme is designed to develop & demonstrate:

• Critical thinking skills in STEM
• Communication and Enquiry Skills
• Leadership & teamwork
• Problem Solving
• Information Processing
• Evaluating & Judging

Please contact us for a detailed breakdown of the skills and concepts explored.


"Thinkers in Education did a fantastic job! The structure and demand of the activities was motivating and accessible but also had challenge. Year 10 in their end of term/summer holidays can be really challenging to keep going but they loved it. The science was perfectly linked to GCSE and they will have learned loads without realising it. All instructions were crystal clear and well paced practical activities well supported by theory and application. Really impressive organisation and design of the activities and resources. The mix of team vs individual achievement celebration was fantastic. You could really see confidence and leadership skills grow over the week. I'm sure it will boost them in Yr11 and give them much inspiration for future study and careers. There's nothing we could suggest to improve the experience and we will definitely be rebooking."
E Payler – Head of Science, St Paul's Girls' School

"As always the resources, presentation and practical tasks provided for our students during the workshop were outstanding. TIE has made it possible for students to complete their experiments and still use specialist equipment in spite of COVID. TIE adapted their workshop to meet our school’s COVID restrictions. The workshops were as engaging as ever. After a year of disruption it has been fantastic to be able to run such a stimulating event. Everything was so well organised and delivered fantastically."
J Macaree – Progress Lead, The Magna Carta School

“Thinkers in Education have consistently provided a first class learning experience for the students. Their ability to keep pace with curriculum changes and adapt activities to reach a wide range of needs is commendable. Many of the students I work with are at risk of dropping out of school showing signs of disengagement quite early on in their secondary education. The inclusive style of TiE’s delivery has always managed to stretch and challenge a wide range of academic abilities; there is something for everyone. The relaxed and professional environment that is created is conducive to effective teaching and learning. When you worked with the best why work with the rest!”
Dr B Crooks SFHEA - Widening Participation Officer, Brunel University

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