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The Blue John Cavern – Cave Tours & Educational School Trips Derbyshire

The Blue John Cavern, the perfect educational destination……….

For students of all ages – The Blue John Cavern is both of historical , geological and even archaeological interest. From the very young to the very old, there is something for everyone.

The Blue John Cavern is a show Cave, with beautiful formations of Blue John and a series of caverns considered to be the finest rage in Great Britain

Our Cavern Tours are of immense educational interest showing clearly how the caverns are formed by the deposits on the floors of great oceans which have long since receded, as the fossilised remains of marine animals now show.

About the Tour

The Blue John Cavern is a show Cave, where you walk through a series of natural water-worn caverns lead by a guide.

There is a total of 245 steps to negotiate within in the Cavern, not all in one go, but the most in one flight is 96 meaning it is not accessible to wheelchairs or prams and buggies.

We have a maximum capacity of 45 people per tour, so if you are bringing a large party, please consider that they may need to be split into more than one tour group to satisfy Health & Safety requirements

Health and Safety dictates the the handrails must be held at all times during the guided tour and suitable footwear with good tread is required when accessing the cavern. We would also recommend appropriate outdoor clothing be worn – e.g. Coats, hats and gloves. Please make sure you dress according!

Opening Hours & Site Information

We are open every day (weather permitting) except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

The Cavern Shop is open from 9.30am – 5.30pm throughout the peak season ~ Off peak 9.30am – 4.30pm. The shop is well stocked with Blue John Stone Samples, jewellery and artefacts as well as Cavern memorabilia, general giftware and postcards. Light refreshments are also available from the Cavern Tuck Shop.

the Cavern Tours are run at 20-30 minute intervals throughout the day starting from around 9.45am. Please be aware that the last entry into the Cavern is 1 hour before the shop closes, as the tour takes approximately 1 hour.

To reach the Cavern from any direction please follow the brown tourist signs marked ‘Blue John Cavern’ NOT ‘Castleton Caverns’ for direct access.

* PLEASE NOTE – There is a weight limit restriction of 7.5 tonnes on the Winnats Pass, therefore if you are coming through Castleton Village by coach you will not be able to access the Cavern via this route.

The Blue John Cavern reserves the right to deny any refund to visitors who do not research their route prior to their visit and are then effected by weight limits, restrictions and closures.

Free car and coach parking is available close to the Cavern entrance


A journey like no other! Visit The Blue John Cavern………..

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