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Steelpan Agency – Steelpan Workshops for Schools

Steelpan Workshops

This is an original, unique and unforgettable experience for people of all ages to experience playing the steelpan!

The steelpan is a perfect instrument, as the basic skills are easy to learn and playing the instrument does not require any previous musical experience. It is possible for a group with any level of musical experience to accomplish a simple melody within a short period of time.

Our all day workshops generally include a performance during morning assemblies followed by workshops with 10-15 pupils per session. Workshops start from 15-minutes up to 1-hour per session, this is dependent on the total amount of participants. The day includes information about the history of steelpans, an interactive performance and pupils will learn a melody/rhythmic tune on the steelpans.

Our Full Package includes Steelpan, African Drumming and Tamboo Bamboo Workshops.  The origin of steelpan begins with the African Drums in the 18th Century, which lead to the Tamboo Bamboo Bands and then the formation of the steeldrums in the 1930’s. Pupils will have the full experience of the steelpan instrument.

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