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Senedd Cymru Welsh Parliament – School Visits and Educational Programmes

Education and Youth Engagement

How do we currently support schools, colleges and youth groups?

  1. Booking an educational trip to the Senedd

As a service, we are not currently taking bookings for educational trips until it is completely safe for groups to return to the Education Centre in Cardiff Bay.

We will keep the situation under review. For the latest news about re-opening the Senedd, booking our educational sessions and our new programmes for 2021, you can follow our @SeneddWales Twitter account or visit our website.

  1. Booking virtual sessions on the Senedd and the Welsh Youth Parliament

Since we are not currently providing face-to-face sessions in schools, colleges and youth clubs, you can book a virtual session facilitated by one of the Senedd’s Education officers.

The sessions available are:

  1. Interactive online session focused on emotional and mental health support – this session is a chance for young people to hear why this topic is so important to the Welsh Youth Parliament and an opportunity to share their views by answering our questionnaire.
  2. Interactive online session on ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. A virtual session that encourages conversations about the critical issue of litter and plastic waste, sharing facts and offering simple yet effective tips to help young people make real changes in their lives to reduce litter and plastic waste while helping the environment. They will also find out about the Welsh Youth Parliament’s Littering and Plastic Waste questionnaire. There will be an opportunity to express views on the questionnaire’s themes and to complete it during or after the session.
  3. General session on the Senedd, its powers, its representatives and how to vote at 16.

Please contact us to discuss your needs by phoning 0300 200 6565 or by emailing We are here to help.

  1. Online educational resources – Our Senedd

With a new name for the institution and voting at 16 on the horizon, we have a series of educational animations and video resources to explain democracy in Wales to young people aged 14 and over. This is a series of resources to help learners understand the evolution of devolution in Wales. Learners will gain an understanding of how systems of governance in Wales operate and affect people’s lives. Four key themes will lead learners to explore democracy, representation, participation and how to act responsibly. The resources can be found at by searching for Our Senedd. Go directly t our Hwb Resources.

Each theme will include classroom resources and information to use during PSE lessons, school assemblies (short and extended) and in youth group settings. These resources will help learners find out more about how the Senedd was established, its powers, who represents them and their voting rights in the 2021 Welsh Parliament Elections.

  1. Online resources for home schooling ( available soon)

For those pupils receiving their education partially from home, we will be publishing three educational packs over the next few weeks.

1)      KS2 Pack: My World, My Future
An educational pack for children at Key Stage 2, suitable for delivery as a classroom learning pack or to be delivered online as part of your home/distance learning offer.
This is a package of home-based or distance-learning tasks to teach children in years 3-6 about the Senedd’s powers. The pack is also designed with the new curriculum in mind and offers an opportunity for parents and/or teachers to facilitate it.

2)      KS3 Pack: Me, My Area, My Voice

The KS3 resource pack is a toolkit for teachers or parents to use with children aged 11-14.

Whether the pack is used as a classroom activity or as something to do at home, it aims to provide creative opportunities for learning. Some activities in the pack can also be completed as groups in the classroom or with the family.

3)      Key Stage 4 – Our Senedd
A pack of resources for teachers and youth workers to run sessions with their learners on the Senedd, democracy and voting. The resources are also packaged as four You Tube vlogs to give young people the opportunity to learn from home about the Senedd’s work. The themes explored are:

  • History of the Senedd
  • Powers of the Senedd
  • Members of the Senedd
  • Voting in Senedd Elections

To get in touch with the education team directly please email us using the form below at or call 0300 200 6565.

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