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Science Made Simple – Beyond the Rainbow – The Invisible World Workshops for Schools

Location(s)Cardiff & surrounding areas
Key StagesKS3, KS4
Special SchoolsYes
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Enhanced DBSYes
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Science Made Simple operation during coronavirus period

For Schools – we are taking enquiries from teachers wishing to discuss booking shows and workshops to celebrate schools reopening. We know schools can’t commit to dates right now, but we are happy to take no-fixed-date bookings to help you kick-start your new school STEM activity with impact and enthusiasm. Don’t forget we have online activities in our blog and YouTube channel full of simple science questions and activities that might help with your remote science teaching.

Science Made Simple brings the brilliance of science to life with amazing, high energy interactive shows for schools and festivals. From football to game shows to pop songs and everything in between, we take the world around us and show the science that makes it work.


Our highly trained staff bring everything needed for an amazing day to your school or festival.  All you need to provide is the venue and an audience.  With a large range of science, maths and engineering shows, and presenters based across the UK, having our STEM shows at your school or event is simple and hassle-free.

Beyond the Rainbow – The Invisible World

Take a journey beyond the rainbow in this whistle-stop tour of the electromagnetic spectrum. What do mobile phones, microwaves, suntans, night-vision cameras and your radio have in common? Why does your mobile phone make your radio click, and how do X-rays see through your skin?See how light can be polarised and find out why the sky is blue. Play ‘guess the object’ in our thermal imaging picture game, and listen to the way your TV remote control sounds! By getting to grips with the wavelength and frequency of different types of radiation, all will become clear!

Learning Objectives

Key Stage 4

After watching the show Key stage 4 pupils should:

  • Develop an understanding that the electromagnetic spectrum is a range of radiation with differing wavelengths and properties
  • Understand the terms wavelength and frequency and how they relate to electromagnetic waves
  • Understand the differences between sound waves and light waves
  • Understand that white light is one small part of the electromagnetic spectrum – and the only part that is visible to the human eye
  • Be able to list a number of different types of electromagnetic radiation from the following list (gamma rays, X-rays, ultra-violet, visible light, infrared, microwave, radio wave)
  • Gain an awareness of the uses and applications of electromagnetic radiation in every day life
  • Gain an awareness of which forms of radiation can be dangerous to the human body and which are considered mostly safe
  • Understand that all electromagnetic waves can be polarised and observe polarisation in action using visible light



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