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Queen of Stories – Storytelling Workshops for Schools

Hello, my name is Jenny Connatty

In my role as Queen of Stories, I like to suggest to the younger children, that I reside in ‘The Palace of Imaginings’.  See Queen’s letter They relate to me as they would Father Christmas – a mysterious magical person with the gift of a story… the older children – wise to the is conspiracy, enjoy sharing the secret that I am really an actress, entertaining with my tales whilst teaching others to tell stories.  This authenticity and the theatricality of my costume is enough to take them with me!

Storytelling for Schools

Having been a primary teacher, I find myself very much at home in the school environment. I take a delight in sharing the fairytale with children because it gives them the most profound emotional and moral nourishment.

The stories address and resolve the dark issues; giving children opportunities to engage with their feelings. Once understood and mastered, such feelings can reassure and lead the child to creative expression and happiness.

I find teachers very keen to tell fairytales because they do understand their value. But in this current school climate they are frustrated by the little time they have to prepare them; as a remedy to this, I have created:

Who is it for?

Children; teenagers; teachers; parents; carers… anyone who senses the magic of these tales and wants to tell them!

Where can we do it?

In school; village hall; any club or home.

What will it do for my pupils?

It will develop self confidence; interpersonal skills and that quintessential power to imagine (without which; we really cannot create the life of our dreams).

What does it do for schools?

It will support literacy, speech and communication programmes at a time when now, government is alerted to the great need to raise UK children’s skills in this area… making 2011-12 National Year of Speech language and Communication! (Read the Bercow Report).

How does it work?

The scheme is underpinned by a varied collection of the enchanting and secretly therapeutic fairytales of the oral tradition. The Queen will visit once a week wearing her sparkling costume, to perform a story for the enjoyment of all children at the school, and lead Storytelling Students (Years 5 and 6) through the scheme’s awards.

How long?

It will usually be a one/two hour session throughout one school term… or during school holidays… but timing and structure can be adapted to suit individual needs.

What sort of involvement will be required from busy school staff?

This will be minimal, as pupils gain autonomy quickly with the scheme, as it integrates smoothly into daily timetables and slots neatly into curriculum requirements.

I will be delighted to give an Awards presentation to your PTA.

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