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Puku B – Viking Workshops for Schools


Combining expertise in archaeology and education Puku B will bring you an innovative workshop to engage, entertain and improve your pupils’ cultural capital. Designed and delivered by an experienced and qualified teacher and archaeologist all of the activities in Puku B workshops have been developed with National Curriculum objectives at their core.

Whether a workshop based on a specific time period, a families event , an interactive school session or bespoke event, we can tailor our event to suit the audience and setting. Uniquely Puku B has undertaken archaeological fieldwork and research in all of the topics we provide workshops for.

Schools Workshops

Our educational workshops are designed to give your pupils hands-on experiences to bring the past alive, focusing on the requirements of the national curriculum. Each session will last between 1.5-2 hours for up to 30 children, sessions can be combined to create a whole day experience and more than one time period can be covered in a day. To maximise pupil’s engagement with the day,  teacher lead resources are available. Whole school or large group aspects can be included such as an assembly or storytelling session. Teachers will receive a lesson plan prior to the day. All sessions can be modified to meet specific learning needs.

Viking Experience Workshop

Meet Thorgild – Help her prepare the household for the return of Thorgest Forkbeard, by completing a range of everyday tasks from Viking childhood. This includes Viking games, puzzle solving and household tasks.  Children will gain first hand experience of life in a Viking household.
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