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Location(s)United Kingdom
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Special SchoolsYes
Public Liability10,000,000
Enhanced DBSYes
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Providers of student workshops, Continual Professional Development for teachers, parent workshops and supportive resources.

Having begun as a small company with one presenter, originally known as Positively MAD, our business has continued to grow in size and stature. We have delivered workshops to over two million students and thousands of teachers since we began operating. In 2021, we rebranded as Positively You, in order to better reflect our stance and provision of mental awareness and resilience workshops.

Our reputation

Schools invite us back time and time again because they value our professional approach. We deliver on pre agreed shared outcomes and aims, which are delivered by our inspiring and knowledgeable team.

Customers appreciate the time they save by leaving training and development in our hands. They also recognise the logistical ease of ordering and experiencing our services, whilst acknowledging that the impact of our workshops on their students and teachers is profound and beneficial.

Our presentations and courses

Positively You presenters are of the highest quality with a wealth of expertise and considerable skill in engaging, informing, enthralling and delighting audiences. Their high energy and dynamic delivery, provides a multisensory and interactive experience. 

Researched, written and created by former teachers, memory experts and acclaimed motivational speakers, our workshops are valued for their richness of content, their usability of ideas, and their array of practical, sustainable resources which continue to make an impact long after the courses are over.

Our uniqueness

Unlike other companies who focus on helping students find their one preferred learning style, Positively You encourages students to become versatile, reflective learners. Presenters are able to adapt their learning styles to suit the demands of different learning situations. In this way, students are armed with the skills and mindsets to become accomplished life-long learners.

Our impact

From the positive quantitative and qualitative feedback that Positively You has received, we know that, at the point of delivery, we make an enormous impact. Our extensive resources ensure that the initial impact is sustained and adopted by your students for their foreseeable future. Your learners will leave walking just that little bit taller and with a spring in their step.

Make a difference

Positively You delivers a holistic framework, supporting not just your students, but also your teachers and parents, as a whole learning community. This means that we can deliver measurable results, leaving learners empowered and inspired to reach their full potential and giving parents the tools they need to help them support their child’s education.

See our quality workshops

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"I can honestly say that renewing my acquaintance with your course has reminded me how inspirational and innovative your ideas are – I should be using more of them in school to improve even more!"
Tennyson High School, Lincolnshire

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