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Positively You – Bridging The Gap Workshops for Schools

A realistic look at the demands of 6th form and an introduction to the core skills needed to cope with those demands.

The workshop equips students with a range of tools and techniques designed to promote self-study, independent learning and research, and to raise aspirations.


Bridging the Gap is an active learning workshop which inspires students with higher order thinking skills, advanced notetaking tools, active reading advice and time management tips.

This workshop ideally needs to be delivered over 2 x 2 hours, 3 x 80 minutes or 4 x 1 hour workshops to a maximum of 300 students across a day and 100 different students in each workshop.


  • Upskills students and raises standards of learning
  • Students will learn how to navigate and bridge the gap between pre and post 16 education
  • Interactive, high-impact workshop which will leave students excited to continue their learning journey


This workshop clearly identifies the difference between pre and post 16 education and the increased demands which come with this transition.

Students will learn how to become self-sufficient studiers, develop their independent learning and research skills and manage their time effectively.

They will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit of critical thinking techniques, motivational tips, effective study skills and be introduced to the concept of active V passive learning, which they can refer back to as lifelong competences.


  • To show students that the transition process doesn’t have to be daunting
  • To stimulating a mature and positive attitude towards learning
  • To introduce students to the advanced demands of post 16 education


Bridging the Gap clearly identifies the different expectations and higher demands of post 16 education. It equips students with a range of tools and techniques not only to cope with this increase but also to raise their aspirations and self-expectations.

It empowers them to become enthusiastic, independent learners ready to move into the next chapter of their lives.

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