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OperasCool! – Opera Workshops for Schools


We bring opera and musical theatre to schools and introduce these amazing and beautiful styles of music to children in a way that they can understand and relate to. Many people mistakenly think of opera as a dying art form.  We begin by blowing this misunderstanding out of the water and engaging the children with plots, stories and facts that spur their imaginations and inspire them to greater aspirations. Children come away from an OperasCool! workshops having shed the idea that opera is ‘scary’ or ‘boring’ and literally leave singing the praises of opera in their own dramatic interpretations.

One Hour Workshop


This is a one-hour educational programme with audience participation which introduces children to the exciting world of Opera. It is an extremely flexible and interactive workshop which works well for small groups and large, multi-school assemblies alike.

During our one-hour workshop, we share a taster of scenes in English from different operas with the children. Using songs and snippets of dialogue teamed with a narrative to carry the children along with the stories, spur their imaginations about the characters and inspire them with the demonstration of highly skilled, trained voices.

Each voice type is represented by the four singers, and each operatic extract carefully chosen to engage the imagination and interest of children of all ages. During the programme we will demonstrate the power and creativity of the human voice and engage the audience into the drama and characters involved in each operatic extracts with entertaining introductions. Simple props and costume changes enhance the visual effect.

This programme has been successfully presented to infant, junior, intermediate, and senior schools.

The cast of Opera’s Cool are always delighted to stay and answer any questions from the children and audience at the end of the show.

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