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Newport Rock Shropshire Climbing Centre – Climbing Centre School Trips

groups and schools

Indoor Climbing has  become a hugely popular activity amongst school children for several good reasons.  Studies show that climbing appeals to children who might not otherwise engage in team sports.  It is essentially non-competitive and does not discriminate between boys and girls. Apart from the physical benefits of strength, suppleness and improved coordination, climbing has many important psychological benefits. These include increased self-esteem, trust, and teamwork. It is particularly beneficial for pupils with a range of behavioural disorders such as ADHD. Above all, it is fun, as is clear from watching children on the wall.

Shropshire Climbing Centre is especially suited to children, with our extensive bouldering facility. This avoids the problems that can occur when children are forced to wait their turn on roped routes- with bouldering it simply isn’t an issue. There are hundreds of problems to try, all with safety matting underneath- a large class can easily be accommodated. Children can try as many or as few climbing problems as they like, following our easily-identified circuits. Consequently, an hour at a bouldering centre can achieve the same level of workout as a whole day visit to a roped climbing facility. As we have both roped and bouldering areas, children can, however, experience both kinds of climbing.


GCSE PE is extending its scope to include adventurous activities. Indoor climbing now features as a popular alternative sport for many schools.

Here at Shropshire Climbing Centre we can help your school fit climbing into either the main curriculum or as an extracurricular activity. The owners have both worked in education for many years, and are more than happy to discuss your school’s particular requirements. By summer 2009 we hope to also have an AALA license, which means we will be able to offer outdoor climbing as a continuation of children’s indoor climbing experience.

team building

It is very easy to combine a climbing session with team-building activities, giving children a comprehensive and memorable experience. Our staff have years of experience in delivering fun team-building activities that are inclusive and rewarding. We are happy to discuss particular group requirements and can tailor the activities to suit your group and time constraints etc.

 school climbing walls

With a strong wall-building team behind us, we also provide school climbing walls. These can  be very simple affairs such as traversing walls for primary schools. Such walls are safe, extremely popular with children, and can make use of limited space. Please contact us for further details and to arrange a no-obligation site visit.

ways we have worked with schools include:

  • exclusion unit sessions

  • asdan groups

  • pe sessions for pupils not usually engaged with the subject

  • gcse pe provision as part of the syllabus

  • special needs provision

  • ebd activity

  • team building- a combination of climbing and team building activities

  • extended curriculum/ after-school activities

  • duke of edinburgh award schemes

  • school traversing wall construction

  • new pupil / pre-school induction
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