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MacDonald’s Farm and Fun Park – Educational Farm Visits & Curriculum-Linked Activities Essex

Our farm for school visits

“Our aim is to inspire, delight and give children first hand knowledge about life on the farm”

We believe it is fundamentally important children understand about the food they eat and the effect farming has on their lives. We want their experience at Old MacDonald’s Farm to be fun and one that they will never forget.

Old MacDonald’s open farm offers fantastic teaching facilities for educational visits. Because we are an animal petting farm the children get a hands on learning experience, there is plenty to see touch and do!

We are conveniently situated for schools, not only in and around Essex, East London and the South East but across the East of England.

We think it is essential to growing and learning that children understand about farming. At Old MacDonald’s Farm we can help familiarise the children with the animals, learning their names, the food they eat and the noises they make. Children should know from where their food comes and understand about nutrition.

We can help children learn about the environment, the circle of life, food, farming and conservation. We are a licenced zoo as well as a leisure farm and have plenty of learning opportunities that will be fun as well as educational.

We will encourage young visitors, and older ones as well, to think about the importance of buying food locally and also to consider the many different types of farming that you find and the impact on food prices. We will look at the need to protect the natural world and show them animals here at Old MacDonald’s Farm that have been saved from extinction.

Above all, they will learn more because they will be having a wonderful time here at
Old MacDonalds farm in Brentwood, Essex.

What educational stimulus and activities does Old MacDonald’s Farm offer?
Our stimulus covers the areas of EYFS, key stages 1 & 2.
Our options cover Geography, History and Science with options for Mathematics and English Language.

Farm Animals
Discover and learn about a wide range of interesting animals bred for commercial use, plus unusual and exotic animals from around the world.

Petting Animals
Get close so the children can touch and feed their farmyard friends.

Hatchery & Poultry Rearing Room
Discover how we rear the young animals.

Animated Educational Shows
Light hearted animated entertainment covering topics including life on the farm, the life of amphibians and also the importance of recycling.

Educational Support
We can provide educational fact sheets for you to use. Our options cover Key Stages 1 & 2 with quizzes, puzzles, games and interesting facts about the animals and life on the farm. We also offer detailed lesson plans for your use should you so choose. To obtain our educational support information please email us here with your details.

Inside Information
We have an Educational Officer on site who can help you and give you information about life on the farm as well as on our services and options.

For more information please email us using the contact form below.

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