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Learning at Epping Forest – Outdoor Learning School Trips & Curriculum-linked Activities Essex

Learn with us

Epping Forest is a unique environment to experience hands on learning with our experienced and passionate team. This page holds all the information needed to make a booking for your class or school. Browse through the contents and if you still have any questions, our learning team is here to help.

Our sessions

We have a range of sessions focusing on the amazing history of Epping Forest and its environment. These cross-curricular sessions last for 2 hours for KS2 and up to 1.5 hours for KS1. Please note: there is a maximum limit of 30 children per session.

A programme of our sessions is available at the bottom of this page.

Booking a session

You can book a session with us through our online form or, if you have any questions, you can email us.

Please note, your booking is not final until you receive an email confirmation.

Session costs

State school session – £99 per session
Independent school session – £129 per session
Community room booking (optional) – £35 per 2 hour block
Apply to the Culture Mile School Visits Fund for a grant of up to £300 to help with the cost of a visit to Epping Forest or a wide variety of other inspiring venues in the Culture Mile Learning partnership.

Planning your visit

Our sessions take place at our Epping Forest Visitor Centre at Chingford, where we have a classroom, toilets, water fountain, exhibition areas and shop.

KS1 Sessions

Notable Tudors

Not just a building but a living story book, come and discover the wonders of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I at the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. Listen to their Epping adventures, wear some traditional Tudor clothing and learn about the deer in the Forest.

Subjects: history

Stone Age survival

Follow a day in a life of a Stone Age child. Enjoy hands-on, creative activities in the woodland, look for wildlife tracks and signs, identify tools used and build your own shelter.

Subjects: history, geography, science

Mapping the seasons

Learn how to use maps to find your way around Epping Forest. Test your skills with our guided seasonal trail and discover the wonders of the changing seasons.

Subjects: geography, science

KS2 Sessions

Tudor life

Be immersed in history and discover the royal legacy of The Hunting Lodge. Understand its link to Epping Forest and how the Tudors used the land.

Subjects: history

Iron Age survival

Chart the development of human civilisation from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. Using the knowledge gained, have a go at survival skills used in the past.

Subjects: history, geography, science

Orienteering through history

Orienteering with a twist. Navigate your way through the historic events that shaped Epping Forest. Your mission, is to find artefacts and oral history clues and use them to create a timeline, opening a window into the past.
Take on the challenge today!

Subjects: history, geography

KS1/2 sessions


Explore Epping Forest to see which invertebrates call it home. Discover what creatures need to live in a habitat. We can link your session to classification, food chains and life cycles depending on your goals.

Activities: minibeast hunting, sweep netting, identification

Subjects: science

Eco Art

Use Epping Forest as your inspiration and your canvas, creating your own masterpiece using only natural materials from the Forest.

Activities: collecting materials, group artwork, clay art

Subjects: art

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