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Jo May Percussion – Spoon Workshops for Schools


Jo May trained as an orchestral percussionist at the Royal College of Music, and began her career working with orchestras such as the BBC Symphony Orchestra and English National Ballet, performing at venues around the UK including the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.
A trip to Sidmouth Folk Festival sparked an enthusiasm for traditional music and led to Jo’s involvement in various folk lineups, as well as study trips to Senegal (exploring drumming and balafon playing) and her participation in many Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban courses run by One Voice Music.

Jo is an experienced percussion teacher and workshop leader. She currently runs spoon playing workshops for schools, teachers’ conferences, festivals and community groups around the UK, as well as abroad. Highlights include the Music and Drama Education Expos in London and Manchester and a recent appearance on CBeebies.

Spoons Workshop

Jo has had many years’ experience of teaching percussion in schools. As a peripatetic percussion teacher, she has taught individual lessons and run numerous percussion ensembles, incorporating a wide range of instruments and styles of music. She also ran rhythm-based workshops with her group Tapatak for a number of years, as well as African Drumming workshops with djembes, dun duns, shekeres and song. Jo’s workshops can be flexible in order to suit your school day. Usually the sessions are for one class at a time – the length varies depending the type of workshop and the requirements of the school. Often Jo will do a short demonstration/introduction in an assembly at the beginning of the day, and/or a sharing/performance at the end of the day where some of the classes perform what they have learnt.

Jo has a particular passion for spoon playing and is keen to pass it on to others!
Jo provides an assortment of metal, wooden, plastic and joined-up spoons (for younger participants) and she teaches a variety of techniques and rhythms, often incorporating songs and body percussion too. Spoons Workshops are accessible for all ages and abilities, and help to develop many skills including rhythm, co-ordination, fine motor skills, creativity, copying, listening, performance and teamwork. Workshops can be tailored to suit your event so do get in touch to chat about different options.

Jo often works with another musician who provides a fantastic accompaniment for the spoon playing.

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